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Dec 12, 2002
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Jun 12, 2013
    1. rustle
      please reupload "Seventh Heaven - Coincidence Mix", was quite good.
    2. Auspexx
      Hi Steve,

      I am contacting you after many many years where we were in touch when I was active as A&R for Com.pact records.
      I received a mixtrape from you called "Seventh Cycle - Coincidence mix", and I have been listening to it ever sense. Every couple of years/months this mix finds itself to my CD player, it is absolutely fantastic.

      Specially Tahc - Audiocephaly, it is my "special" tune for dreary days.

      I hope I find you well, tried to find you on Facebook but there are hundreds of Steve Mercers out there...

      Be good,
      Tal Cohen
      AKA DJ Auspexx
    3. dob
      please delete my thead thanks
    4. dob
      please delete my thread thanks
    5. Dubstepz
      42,000 posts??

      your a machine!! lol

      dont spose you couldent point me in the direction of some of your personal favourite/ most informative therads on production could you??

      its 6am, and again ive spent a night on the grid reading another q&a in the desprate hope ill pick somehing up that will help me producing better traks..

      any little forum gems that you found on your travels would be sooo very appreaciated

      peace! your doing a good thing!
    6. Sparks 85
      Sparks 85
    7. vinylrider
      if i had known you were going to use this as an example for all too see, I wouldnt of made myself look like such a dick!

      please delete.
    8. vinylrider
      soz m8, didnt reliase.
    9. louis83
      just a quick reply cause im in a rush, but yeah, good man!
      I have midi keyboards hooked up, so they can be used..... someone on keys is def important! And sax as well!
      Good shit........
      Done! If your up for it?!
      Speak properly later. Well done mate, nice one :)
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    in a tea daze
    "we stand as the manifested equivalent of three buckets of water and a handful of minerals, thus realising that those very buckets turned upside down supply the percussive factor of forever" - saul williams