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Aug 14, 2003
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Apr 6, 2014
    1. Supplement
      Hey Sacha, would you hit me back with a private message, I want to ask a question or two. If you have gchat that would work too, my email address is [email protected] Thanks in advance.

    2. AuceanxAnnex
      Hi Sacha

      How are you doing? I hope you like the album! Please private message me back, I would like to know what you do and how you are doing?

      The Infinite Acoustic Ascension!!! ASCEND!!! You can hear it here

      Is about the New Worlds Rising. You can send me a dollar or more! Matercard/Visa to get the Master CD! [email protected]

      Track 1 This Track is a Dedication to Dropping Science Culture!

      Track 2 This Track is a Dedication to Latin Jazz!

      Track 3 This Track is a Dedication to Carlos Soulslinger!

      Track 4 This Track is a Dedication to Pure 95 Jungle/Drum & Bass!

      Track 5 This Track is a Dedication to Pure 95 Ragga Jungle/Drum & Bass!

      Track 6 This Track is a Dedication to Real Hip Hop MC'ing!

      Track 7 This Track is a Dedication to Real Love Song Music!


    3. Inflect Bristol
      Inflect Bristol

      I tried to post a couple of mixes from our main room artists in our thread about Inflect, and was told it had posted but as yet it hasn't shown in the thread, I wondered if you could help me with this? Thank you for your time :)

    4. CaPK
      ayeeee is there anyway you can please change my username to: Phutile. ???
    5. Thomas88mono
      Hello, can you please accept my topic ? It's for my official website opening. Thank you.
    6. ApurvA
      [email protected] .... thats my email
    7. ApurvA
      Yessssss !!! i m the first dogggggggg with 51 videos uploaded before time :) .. !! yupeeee !!!!! hey , could you so me a favour , you chk my last video HOME . thats my track and ive made a video of that one that ive uploaded .. is it possible for you to pot it in your official DOA videos ?? i mean its high quality video that ive made ... you can chk it .. let me know whats the catogery to get in to the official DOA video .. any ways .. soo wheres my priceeeeeeeeeee :) . yupeeeee !!
    8. ApurvA
      hey hi :). just logged in after long time :). saw your message. i totally agree with you that the video quality is poor. actually i dont have a hd camera. was using sony cybershot dsc w320, night shots are not so good. i lost that cam last month :(. luckly your contest showed up while i was surfing so i thought this might be good chance. day before yesterday i lost my cell man, what to say hmm, total bad luck, thats y m thinkin to not to miss this opportunity man, got few more videos-nympho, prodigy, & few of NH7 fest, using my friends cam cause its the same one and no one knows @ my home that ive lost my cam :) & cell :), any ways, m sorry about the quality once again ,actually the videos that ive uploaded are the ones with better quality, there r so many of them & from those ive selected these so you could imagine how good will be other clips :) if you want to delete the poor quality ones you can do that, no issues :) but if its all kool then UR THE BEST :) SEE U SOON .. cheers :)
    9. radionet53
      HI can you please approuve my thread :)
    10. ApurvA
      Hey hi , thanks for the spelling thing .. ive changed it as soon as i saw ur message ! m always bad at that :) ! hope you like the videos ! will be uploading more soon ! :) cheers !! :)
    11. SMC PR
      SMC PR
      Hi Sacha,

      I already tried to upload video several times, it goes well and showed it's uploading, then showed it's done, and then writing was disappearing and nothing happened after. Same process I did few times, and everytime same problem. I tried to find my video on site, but there's nothing, and nothing added to my videos
      Pls can you check the problem?

      Roman P. /
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