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    1. shoebox
      Attention Promoters: FREE PROMO

      We will advertise your dnb events on our
      front page for free. Go to this link and post your
      event url and make sure everything parses correctly.

      DnbRadio gets over 300,000 page views a month
      so this is a good opportunity!


      P.S. You will need to make sure the target
      location is correct. For example for U.S. events
      in California use "CA". You may add neighboring
      state abbreviations if you want (i.e. OR).

      For UK/Europe events the TARGET REGIONS
      field should be left blank. Make sure "GB"
      becomes the COUNTRY CODE.

      This should all be automatic, but good idea
      to double check it anyway.

      Only people in these regions will see the banners
      and appear on front of dnbradio.com until the event
      date is over.

      Our goal? Help create more awareness about local
      events... help the scene grow!

      Plz spread this info to anyone you think needs it!

      Many thanks!
      mike / shoebox @ dnbradio
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