3D Printing is going to change the world

Feb 16, 2011

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    Product piracy? now that's fucking BONKERS
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    great even less jobs :smashed:
  4. Sidius AKA Tryptich

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    I cut a documentary featuring these about 6 years ago and they could do awesome things then so they must be advancing massively all the time.

    It's amazing that they can print things with movable parts, because they build it a layer at a time they can print things with inner workings then build the shell around it.

    Like this

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    been around a while. my mate worked at HP, was making some mental things with a 3D printer, like a working bike-chain - all ready linked when it was made. freaks me out a bit.
  6. Doubleclick

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    This started about 10 years ago, but it hasn't created the big shift yet.

    The potential is massive though. The US military was interested in the prospect of having a dashboard mounted printer in their vehicles, so that they could make parts to repair themselves.

    Lots of people have built their own machines and uploaded videos to YouTube if you want to see the machines in action.
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    mind = blown
  8. Sidius AKA Tryptich

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    Can't wait to be able to download some anal love beads from pirate bay
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    the possibilities.... :eek:
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    Are you saying I could make any lego piece I want? :slayer:
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    They say that we have the technology now to replace 75% of the entire global workforce with computers and machines.

    You’re even more worthless than you thought.

    Good times ahead
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    cheers for the info people, i'm gonna read more about this. one day i'd like to have my own fabber, it would be sick
  15. exp_cj

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    yeah, training in CAD right now would be good timing.

    There's a big patent dispute in America about this, about whether one has the right to reverse engineer a part which you need to fix something you already own. So, for example, if you own a certain type of phone and the sim card slot breaks, would you be allowed to remanufacture the part, even though the IP needed to make it is exclusively controlled by the company that made it. Obviously they want to massively overcharge you for the part and now there's no need.
  16. Wu Lala

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    I think that might be a good thing long term tbh. Eventually we are going to need to accept that the vast majority of neccesary things can be done by machines, and infact weve created a million and one jobs that we dont really need to be doing just to keep people employed. There will come a day when we have to acknowledge it and change our society to suit the fact that only a fraction of us really need to work to maintain a good standard of life for all and those that do work dont need to be spending 5 days a week doing so. The sooner the better imo because were just wasting our time and resources atm making sure everyone has a soul destroying chore to perform for the best part of their waking life.
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    theres a video on youtube of a 3d printer that can print itself
  18. significance

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  19. Wu Lala

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    welcome back big boy. Ive seen that youtube video recently, pretty neat stuff.
  20. ewan_kerr

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    yea but we all need to survive somehow, how are people going to feed themselves if there is no money in their pocket to buy food? if most of the jobs are taken up by machines that means fewer people with the money in their pocket to sustain themselves to what ever standards... machines have only been good for one thing so far and that's extensively creating a bigger need to over produce and out sustain a natural workforce as they never stop and also are most cost efficient to a business man or woman even though they may be expensive to buy at first they soon pay for themselves in the long run.

    what will happen if everyone's job is taken over by machines is sit at home and shag all the time, the population will just explode to levels never seen as is already happening yes but not quite to the scale it will if what you're saying happens and that's a whole new problem right there
  21. Pyro

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    the sci fi authors have been dreaming about this for a while and some of them have pondered that it might be something like this that kills off the money concept as we know it. there's your solution to the job problem :upsidedow
  22. jollycakes Reformed Troll

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    next step is the nano forge. i dont think our world will be socially ready for THAT for a verrrry long time, though i hope it will be one day.

    this 3d printing biz is fucking impressive enough right now tbh. looks like the only thing it cant do yet is use real wood, but for many things a sort of MDF would do i spose.

    also lol @ ed, you donk
  23. Wu Lala

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    You sort of miss the point of what Im saying in the first paragraph. We have all the food, electrical goods, homes etc for everyone to have what they need already, without the need vast amounts of jobs already being done, this technology will icnrease that. We have the goods, we have the people who need the goods, creating new jobs is not the only way possible for those goods to move from the factory to the people who need them. It is within our model, yes, but that entire way of structuring society is what I am calling into question. We have a mountain of food, people need to eat, the only way they can eat food is if we create an entire industry of waste that will consume the best part of their time so they can have money to buy the food? Really? They cant just eat it? Come on, its completely absurd. We are playing a game we have created because it served our needs, thats all it is, a game that serves US, when it stops serving us and we start serving the game its time to make a new one. Its not about just blindly following this model no matter what the costs.

    As for the shagging, lol, that speaks to my point. I dont think it would work like that though. People could take care of their elderly relatives rather than putting them in homes, develop hobbies, work on projects for free in all areas of art, science, things that interest them and benifit people. Cameron could have his big society x10. I think peoples current tendency to indugle in unsustainable hedonism is down mainly to how subconciously depresed they are with their lives because we live in a bullshit world where nothing makes sense and 95% of the population live a lifestyle below the one theyve been programed to believe they need. Wasting their years away running to stand still in a hostile, careless, dog eat dog society. People would have time to think, really think, to learn and sort out their mindset, live healthy, I think it would lead to people having a lot more respect for whats sustainable and whats neccesary in life, less pressure to be some sort of steriotype with a partner and childeren in a 4 bedroom house. If every 2 people only have 1 kid between them and bring em up right we can actually start shrinking our populations and reducing our effect on the enviroment. Without the need to be selfish to survive I think youll find people will be a lot different to the hordes of nutters outside our doors right now.
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    trust me m8, cunts will shag like its their last day on earth :laughing:
  25. Nuendo Spicy sting diphtheria

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    Interesting thought, although I have seen a video where a 3D camera takes the images and makes the item from those. When people get their heads around what they can do with this and it becomes cheaper and more mainstream, and it will, the possiblities will be endless.

    As someone else said, being able to make a part for your car, bathroom, smashed phone, cups, dishes, salt an pepper pots, new keyboard, tools etc. etc. right from your desktop printer and dl the plans from an online stodre (or piratebay) will be insane. I bet there are a lot of companies worrying about this. Once circuit boards can be done, they'll be a lot more companies shitting bricks. I still can't get my head around it all.

  26. exp_cj

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    Good point, but think you're underestimating the momentum and forces involved that have brought our world to where we are now. Money, by and large is just a mechanism which exercises power from the most wealthy to the least wealthy. We go to work to earn money to live etc and the illusion is that that's how we get the food we need and barter for goods and services etc. But another way of looking at it is that the need to get money is the mechanism which keeps us obedient to the rest of society. I shouldn't be taking drugs because if i get caught and get a record and lose my job and therefore my money. I will subserve myself even more to the powerful managers around me and the establishment because i will earn more money if i am promoted. etc etc... value is the illusion, if a 3d printer changes the world overnight it doesn't change the fact that money is the best way of formalising the bondage of the citizen to the powerful elite.

    Like you say the essence of the problem should be how can we get food from one place where it's grown to another where we need to eat it. This conflicts with the need to exercise power against the weak though so the powerful can;t let the problem be this simple. If we were feeding the weak and the poor then the powerful couldn't profit from the mechanism of the global capitalist market and would find more barbaric ways to exercise power. So in a way it serves us quite well (or at least it serves the mid level of society which manages to exist in a state of near content for most of the time until it considers the level of it's bondage to the powerful). But for the most part people are subdued by more of the capitalist tendrils of power, (which are emergent rather than designed into the system, like TV or Britney or gaming. There is a pleasure in these past times, but rather than distribute them freely we have to work or earn money somehow in order to experience them and since they are essential to rest our trouble minds from the un-natural state of our existent this is yet another incentive to cooperate). But i digress, the point is that for the most part people are content and the really important things are good sex, good friends, healthy eating, babies etc... and the rest of the constructs which we have to accept in order to get on with whats important are things we just accept. the only people who can exert influence on these constructs are the very powerful because the constructs reach into so many lives and operate in such subtle ways. If it's not in their interests to change them then it won't happen.

    In some ways this is an opportunity for big business though, they get to cut out the manufacturing (which is now outsourced to the cheapest factory in China or Mexico). and they can do without the shipping. (Shipping and logistics companies are going to suffer big time). The problem is piracy. But it's going to be a few decades before a 3d printer can make most of the things we buy so they don't have to worry about that yet. When it does happen the printers will be as ubiquitous as computers and create probably just as many jobs.

    But yes there is an inavoidable moment where we just don;t need capitalism anymore in any way. That's the manifestation of the singularity we're building towards, when socially the mechanism just doesn't fit.That's a massive crisis and the breakdown of civilisation as we know it probably.
  27. Awesomeness

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    This is what I was thinking as well. If this becomes a viable way for the everyman to produce his own spare parts, then the industries who control the market now will switch their focus to controlling the design concepts. That means tighter control of the internet by governments and strict laws on the use of self made products.
  28. ciaicide

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    Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World briefly approached this question, the workforce actually end up working more hours than they need to as they become bored with standing idle while the machines work. I think all the things happening around us now are indicative of the changes and restructuring happening invisibly in our society, hopefully our psyches and policies can adapt quickly enough to end this transition period. Most likely it will be decades though.
  29. mad1

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    Is there a way we could create a global online voting system that audits with fairly basic transparent/open source software the questions and answers to our problems we pose as a majority on this planet? Moving one step at a time without rushing into anything could we not make decisions that most of us agree on without the centralisation of power?
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    HAHAHA, funny fuckers