American Netflix ftw

Apr 14, 2012

  1. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    This works. So much more stuff. I was going to cancel my netflix but now i am actually getting a lot of use from it. A lot of stuff that is actually new and good. :slayer::slayer:
  2. rikardob Cultured.

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    This whole time I thought Netflix was shit in general. It's easy to take for granted that everything is better in America.

  3. Benjamin Dover ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ

    Benjamin Dover
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    Since Jan 26, 2012
    they have alot of old cartoon series', anime and foreign films:slayer:
  4. luthatron \o/ ♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭ \o/

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    thanks barryon, netflix now with more freedom.
  5. joemaki

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    is this just p.c only or does it work with ps3 also fucking sweet find mate :twothumbs:
  6. Konstant Old Member

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    wow, international Netflix must be bleak because I ran out of things to watch long ago...
  7. section31

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    I couldn't imagine running out of things to watch with Netflix streaming here in the states.

    I got rid of Cable TV and Netflix discs and haven't missed it one bit.
  8. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    Since Dec 9, 2008

    Well just to let you know. Freedom isn't free. My friends have said it costs a buck o' five (3 euro on your netflix bill every month). Apparently they know you have accessed the US content and start charging you 10 a month. Still worth it IMO.