Anthology of Sick-Bass Quotes

Production | Dec 21, 2007

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    endquoth BreakBeat wreCka


    endquoth BreakBeat wreCka

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    I made this post in a thread a while back and thought to myself just now that maybe it deserves it's own thread.. it's a collection of quotes ive cut and pasted from all over to create a small anthology of sick-bass quotes for anyone who's missed out on them. enjoy.

    and also, if you have any suggestions for threads/quotes i missed out on, post up a link in this thread and ill update the list.


    To serve as a symbol of hope to those just starting out, I'll start it off with one of my fav. quotes coming all the way from 2002:

    Fast Forward To 2005...

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    thanks :D
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    Nice1 Endquote! ...get it? EndQUOTE. haha kthxby il go now

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    You forgot this reece tutorial!
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    nice. haven't seen two of these before.
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    killer shit... here's some more, although i didn't keep track of sources as well as you :teeth:

  10. endquoth BreakBeat wreCka


    endquoth BreakBeat wreCka

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    nice one bro. I updated the list with new entries at the bottom. I even found some of the original threads -- posts by texel and Zardonic.. I even threw one in there by Full Clip that I found while I was going through those old threads.

    Ima finish going through all the recommendations in this thread and quote them into the first post list, just that I was trying to finish something up right now.. ill get back to this in a bit.

    Big Up.
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    here's 2 more:

    1. from hostile


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    Glad that what I said worked!! :D

    By the way, here's another lil technique to make the bass sound even more like it's been played out of an actual elec bass:

    Link both the boobass channel and a sine C channel (could be made with 3xOsc), to the same track in the virtual mixing console. Tweak the lows, mids and highs on BooBass til you find the sound you like (I usually just boost the shit out of the bass, use slight mids and nearly kill highs, depends on what you want).

    THEN, apply WarpVST as effect, my fav setting here is the clean amp with greenback cabinet, watch out the gain and boost the bass a bit to make it sound more like an electric, organic bass sound.

    :biggrin: happy new years.
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    This thread is great, lots of great ideas for those 'what shall I try this time?' moments.....

    Add to threads of interest?
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    Reece tip on second post from: Dom & Roland Tip

    Resampling reeces from: Luthathron

    Hope ya keep this topic up and running! :thumbup:
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    Great read :slayer:

    this thread always needs a good bumping :upsidedow
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    This needs to get sticky!
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    you're discusting
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    There is some nice information in this thread!! big ups!
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    Really good idea !

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    Great Read!! Thanks!! :twothumbs:
  21. endquoth BreakBeat wreCka


    endquoth BreakBeat wreCka

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    Big Up everyone for the love shown, much appreciated.

    now that my school semester just ended, i might just go back into diggin up more threads and all the ones that were suggested in this thread in order to keep this thread updated with techniques i might have missed. :thumbup:

    edit: and Big Up to everyone who posted up quotes i missed.. that Counter Strike one is sick no doubt.. ive used that one myself since :teeth:, my bad for not updating this thread in a while, but ima get on updating this thread soon. no doubt.
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    Really cool thread, thought it was going to be a bunch of jokes to start with ! :twothumbs:
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    noisia asking what's a reece?

    were they joking? or just early nosia days?
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    2002, probbly early days
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    Awesome thread.. :D Good job for preserving those memories :slayer: