Any dogs do weightlifting?

Feb 20, 2012

  1. Zorzax Skullhammer

    Zorzax Skullhammer
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    Just got a gym membership and have been working out a lot. Doing pulllups, curls and squarts. Kind of intimidated by the bench press so far so I'm not getting as much pectoral growth as I would like. Anyone else pump iron here?

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  2. TRYT

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    yeah man:twothumbs:
  3. pijin :teeth: alwayse

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    have you been benching backwards bro?
  4. Bison

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    Love going to the gym
  6. Zorzax Skullhammer

    Zorzax Skullhammer
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    Since Feb 4, 2012
    No, just hitting my lats extra hard lately. Drop set deadlifts with back rounding and strict simple carb diet are giving me some big gains. No joke, I've even got my gran on the same program.

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  7. cmgoodman1

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    if the bench press really does intimidate you start with pushups. Once you're comfortable doing that, move up to benching on a machine, and then to the actual bench press. But honestly the best way I've found to build a bigger chest is benching with dumbells (or copious amounts of estrogen). I worked out for a few years (I've never been really big, but I was the strongest I'd ever been) and then it sort of fell to the wayside as school got harder. But I've just started again as I can no longer fit into the 32 waist pant size I've warn since highschool. That and because my body looks god damned awful up against my girlfriend's.
  8. Tits McGee

    Tits McGee
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    I've been body-building for a few years.

    if you are starting out and even if your not, read this, it dispel a lot of the myths and save you lots of wasted time and effort:

    notice diet comes before exercise. There a good reason its that way round.

    Heres some quick points that I have learned that I wished I knew years ago:

    > always use free weights if possible. the machine equivalent is almost always inferior to free weight exercises.

    > for fast gains do compound exercises (exercises that use more than one muscle group). for example instead of standing there doing dumbbell curls do pull ups.

    > if you don't eat enough protein you won't get big. its that simple. if you have been hitting the gym for years but never seem to get big this is almost certainly why. I wasted about 18 months in the gym because of this, should have done my homework sooner.

    >take your bodyweight in kilograms, times it by 1.5, that's how much protein you need to eat each day. for example I weigh 95kg x 1.5 = 133 grams of lean protein each day. and yes, I know thats a lot.

    > there is a "protein window" that is open for about 10-15 mins after you finish training, during this time you will be able to absorb 3 times more protein than normal. make the most of this and take a protein shake with at least 30 grams protein in it as soon as you finish your workout.
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  11. dahuka Engorged Member

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    Do this:

    5 pullups
    10 sit ups
    15 pushups
    20 air squats

    Do as many rounds of that as you can in 30 minutes.
    Repeat until you can do about 800 reps total in that time.

    Then hit the weights.
  12. Zorzax Skullhammer

    Zorzax Skullhammer
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    Is this to help me lose fat? I'm already sort of 'ripped' (see pic).

    edit: not the pic of my gran.
  13. Edgell

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    don't be intimidated by the bench, its probably the best anaerobic exercise there is. if you do it with good technique and supplement properly you'll definitely see yourself getting stronger rapidly and thats probably the best part about lifting in the first place, getting that instant gratification via obviously getting stronger. bench for a lot of people people is why they stick with lifting for long periods at a time, nothing is better than beating last weeks bench set untill you work a couple weeks getting what you could do 4 of up to 10 reps, then after that go for your max and see what you can do, and if you're doing it right you'll get a lot stronger quick
  14. Commander

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    Don't be intimidated dude, start of with light weights & get confident with your technique. I managed to push 120kg the other day! Most I've ever pushed but aiming for 130 by next week. Loads of protein too mate
  15. mr meh

    mr meh
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    so what about guys who have been lifting in prison and eating a shitty prison diet with no protein shakes for years and years? those guys still get and stay ripped.

    diet isnt as important as hard work and consistency is.
  16. Eli Rorschach

    Eli Rorschach
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    It's a good question, but there's actually no problem getting enough protein in prison. You get three balanced meals a day, and hardly move apart from their exercise time. On top of that they can spend their own money on tuna and chicken all day - or really cheap and high calorie, a lot of bigger guys will just eat tubs of peanut butter.

    Also you have to remember how easy it is to get heroin inside. There's no problem getting steroids.
  17. Tits McGee

    Tits McGee
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    they put the weight on VERY slowly. obviously prison inmates have a lot of time on their hands and they aren't paying £45 a month gym membership.

    try it, go to the gym for the next 2 years and only eat minimal protein.... see what happens.

    EDIT: or spend your prison rations on steroids as Eli suggests
  18. Tits McGee

    Tits McGee
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    Do you have a back problem? it doesn't look right.

    also did you read the link I posted?

    it answers all your questions and gives you several beginners workouts you can chose from.
  19. messsingh

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    OK I'll give this thread a try............

    I do light weights typically 10-12KG per arm and more when using a weights with a bar (you can tell I really know what I am talking about / doing).

    Everytime I start to attempt higher weights my arms still to be capable of lifting higher weight but the next day my wrists hurt like hell! I have done this twice now and it can take up to 2 weeks for the pain to go away completely.

    Any hints, tips or advice you can offer would be helpful. It must be something to do with my technique or is there something I can do to build up my wrists?

  20. Tits McGee

    Tits McGee
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    you shouldn't really need them for that small amount of weight unless you have never masturbated in your life.
  21. ocelot

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  22. messsingh

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    Well that is just it! I can lift the weights no problem and feel no pain at the time but the next day it is a completely different matter.

    Should also add that I don't want to do weights to get 'hench' or 'ripped'. Would rather do them to get stronger, fitter and generally more healthy. I have no intention to start downing protein shakes or lift insane amounts of KGs, innit

  23. Eli Rorschach

    Eli Rorschach
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    Sounds like a fairly bad strain issue. 12kg isn't bad if you've got good form.

    You can curl with your wrists bent back, weights in your fingers. Some people recommend it to target the arms without straining the wrists.

    Not RSI from typing or anything possibly? And you're only curling once a week?
  24. dahuka Engorged Member

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    nope - it establishes a baseline of functional strength

    kind of like learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide before you attempt algebra
  25. Displaced

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  26. Psy Klone [psyonix]

    Psy Klone
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    SO MUCH WIN! :laughing:

    On the topic though, I used to work out in the gym a bit, but I haven't been in a while. On the other hand, I've gone through 3 rounds of P90X and am currently almost a 3rd of the way through Insanity. While the workouts are world class, and do deliver on their promises, dieting correctly is integral to one's results.

    I'm just making sure I can outrun/outfight these when the time comes:


  27. RESET

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    man, I'm looking to hit the gym again ready for the summer, heh.

    some good advice in here already, esp with the freewieghts and the diet being everything. pity the DOA nutri-experts haven't seen /fit/ to gerace this thread yet... gamma rays anyone?
  28. SMX

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    Love the gym :thumbup:
  29. mozzor

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    Sweet! Tell it again.
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    love the.. :finger: