Anyone here dabble in Electro Swing / Swing House?

Apr 6, 2012

  1. apollyon /m\---[0_0]---/m\

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  2. CunningLinguist Unimatrix Zero

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    Hey RJ,.

    Could you post some examples of Electro swing? I've never heard it and I'm curious.
  3. QuantumRealm

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  4. apollyon /m\---[0_0]---/m\

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    Evan, I was presented with this as an example:

    Though, I quite like this better (In fact love, which I turned them on to. Or at least one AFAIK.):

    Both work however for the game after seeing a demo.
  5. lethargik

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    i got something in the works which is similar vibes but with a bit of a porter robinson edge, you got aim so i can get some feedback... its retty banging if imight say so myself
  6. diarmuid

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    I set out to create an electroswing track a while back. Here is the result...

    Kinda turned out a bit different to what I set out to do! Mr ozio meets spy jazz! May try again someday as im quite into electroswing.