Applying swing/groove to breaks?

Apr 29, 2012

  1. Momentumdnb

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    Anyone here apply swing or a groove to their breaks? Think along the lines of a mpc-style swing, I know Ableton has a few presets that try and replicate it but they tend to add artifacts to the break.
  2. dag451 SEMAPHORE

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    Try slicing the break to midi, or manually dropping your clips into simpler/impulse/sampler and adding the groove to the midi clips instead. That way the the groove template won't be messing with the warping of the audio.
  3. godwin24 NixusUk

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    I only use groove quantise on my more 125-140bpm sort of stuff (and of course any hiphop stuff but I dont make this very often at all), very important because the space between hits is a lot greater. At higher tempos I really dont think its very important at all especially at high swing values, unless you're swinging 1/8ths or 1/4s for that bodyrock feel. 1/16th triplet swing at 170+bpm tends to start blurring a bit IMO.

    I tend to just let the natural dynamics of the breaks do the groove work at this sort of bpm, and I probably dont go in as accurately as I could when chopping the breaks up either so it retains a bit of the natural quantise anyway.

    If you were programming a break from scratch using something like BFD/superior drummer etc then I still probably wouldnt use it and just play it in without quantising it 100%... The groove quantise options are all preset parameters so unless you plan on using a different one on every 1/4 of a bar its still not going to sound as realistic as if you just played it in
  4. futilerecordings Misanthropic Anthropoid

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    Alot of DAWs have some relatively advanced featured for this. Cubase, for example, has a tiny little add-on that will give you hundreds of new quantize presets (including the much coveted MPC swing), it's free and easy to install. Now... if I can only figure out how to upload shit without resorting to mediafire....

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  5. futilerecordings Misanthropic Anthropoid

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    Also, FL has a nice feature where you can be working in 4/4, you can change the quantization to 3/4 or 6/8 and, using a slider from 0-100, adjust all the notes closedr to their triplet counterpart. Great if used judiciously, but anything more and we're brodering on Clownstep/Bodyock, so treat lightly.

    IMO, it works best with slower music, by far. House, Dubstep, Hip Hop... all the music that has "room" for those little nuances.

    I've personally never really been a believer in jacking MIDI files from old break. Sure, it has that nostalgic feel. but if I'm to be honest with myself, I'd much rather just do it myelf. I have my own way of doing things, with which I'm quite happy!

    Edit: Here is is, no .exe installers, 4 MB of free add ons, very worth it!


    Download in my previous, but let me know if you need it. I think FL handles it better, as it's continuously variable (the piano roll make cubase look like toy. It' been 2 years, and STILL no smart too! I'm so sick of holding down alt for every like task... FL's smart tool makes everything sooo much quicker and easer.
  6. FlatFaced

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    dont know if anyone suggested that but really cool thing is to actually extract a groove(say from your favourite drum loop or a track or your particular sequence) and apply it to another thing(another loop melody etc...)
  7. TheRoary

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    With 170bpm+, I don't intentionally go out to make it swing or use groove templates. It's all about being a little less rigid when it comes to quantising the bits in between kick and snare.. I prefer to do this by ear to get a little bit of human feeling.

    With sub 170bpm tunes, especially in glitchy/housey downtempo bits, I like to get a mic set up and play a few loops of shaker, woodblock, clave etc. Then tighten them up accordingly in the sample editor.

    If applying groove is your thing tho, I know you can get the MPC swing/groove templates in midi files for Logic. Never really delved tho...