Mix Bass Pimp - A Powdered Hand (Dubstep Mix for USdubstep.biz)

Dec 4, 2011

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    Bass Pimp seductively handles the curves of the 1200s and makes love to your sonic receptors in such a way to make your ears juice with aural ecstasy. Sexy selection, coupled with a silky smooth balance of aggressive cuts and seamless blends, Bass Pimps style will make even a nun cream. Bass Pimp, known by some as Wil Dumaop, works tirelessly with bass artists from the US and around the world alongside Stateside promoters to bring the best and brightest of the world bass music scene to American audiences. Handling US bookings for Phetsta, We Bang, Megalodon, Obsidian, Mantis, Kelly Dean, Terrabad, and Slogun to name a few, Wil is a major player in the bass music scene, handling tours and bookings for top domestic and international talent with the Simplify Agency. A conservatory trained entertainment professional, Wil is more than equipped artistically, creatively, and mentally to handle any challenge that may come up in the everyday life of a Bass Pimp.

    Also known as Damien in the drum n bass community, Wil has shared the stage with Truth, 6Blocc, Ant TC1, Random Movement, Bachelors of Science, Kryteria, Flying Lotus, Sick Cycle, and Terravita to name a few. He has played in clubs up and down the US West Coast as well as in New Zealand at events such as Respect (LA), Grounded (NZ), Momentum (NZ), EPR (SF), LA Beatdown (LA), and Liquid (SD).

    Link - http://usdubstep.biz/2011/11/24/us-...bass-pimp-a-powdered-hand-happy-thanksgiving/
  2. Damien1138 DJ / Promoter / Agent

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    Since Feb 19, 2009
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    dope ass mix! props