beatplexity closing down

May 25, 2013

  1. Paul_M_86

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    Since Mar 29, 2005
    Seeing as the site first took form in these forum back in 2008 it only seems fitting to announce the closure on here.

    The indiegogo campaign raised a staggering £55 (£50 which was from my brother :burn:)

    We did have a few more donations not through indiegogo which bought the total to £95 !!!

    i don't really blame people, the site is old and soundcloud now with their practically unlimited pro account for £70 odd a year is much better value.

    I'm losing my job in 4 weeks time, so it looks like its time to hang up the gloves and close

    Its going to leave a SHITLOAD of broken links on the forums and websites which is a shame. I really hate to see this amount of music getting wiped but i just can't afford it anymore.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site, and the very....VERY few of you who donated over the years.
  2. Eric_Digital the balm

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    Since Sep 13, 2002
    Fucking sad, man. God bless for doing what you've done for as long as you have.

  3. Tim Reaper

    Tim Reaper
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    Since Oct 10, 2009
  4. DEFTIL You're a wizard, Harry.

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    Since Aug 31, 2004

    How much longer will it be up for?
  5. Eric_Digital the balm

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    Since Sep 13, 2002
    Would you be willing to choose an ideal, compressed format to float the catalogue to P2P?
  6. Paul_M_86

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    Since Mar 29, 2005
    @DEFTIL - will close 1st July 2013

    ill do whatever i can to keep the music up, as long as it doesn't cost me a big server fee.

    Wouldn't putting it onto p2p or torrents still require an initial seed?
  7. barrybadman sissies

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    Since Feb 7, 2013
  8. Attreyu The Traffic Controller

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    Since Mar 17, 2005
    How big is the entire archive ?
  9. cool mr croc een bolleke alstublieft

    cool mr croc
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    Since Apr 12, 2004
    theyll be just as dead links in a few weeks
  10. afek_one Dude that still likes dnb

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    Since Jul 9, 2003
    Sad to see this. It was always a great resource.
  11. Paul_M_86

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    Since Mar 29, 2005
    dnbset is just an aggregator that finds links from other sites, they include links from beatplexity so that wouldn't be much use

    Looking at about 2.4 TB

    currently 35470 files in the public_html folder
  12. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    Since Dec 9, 2008
    If i post you a USB stick would you stick the folder on it for me? :teeth:
  13. Evil_Concussion

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    Since Mar 18, 2012
    long live Mixcloud :twothumbs: and I can only laugh about some comments from the past (Sable table) ;)

    R.I.P. beatplexity although I've never used it :tea:
  14. robotone ___________

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    Since Apr 12, 2002
    thanks for the service, i found beatplexity handy
    unfortunately i am poor and in debt so i could not contribute
    lots of great mixes on there

  15. barrybadman sissies

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    Since Feb 7, 2013
    make an account on

    you have unlimited mp3 uploads, so fuck um and take they`re word, its 100mb filesize limit
  16. blaze dis one Registered Loser

    blaze dis one
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    Since Jul 6, 2002
  17. Wozowski When I say 'el' you say 'boh'.

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    Since Aug 18, 2004
    You are a legend for keep ing it going so long mate.

    Respect. :fire:
  18. DJ Mix Banned

    DJ Mix
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    Since Dec 15, 2010
  19. Sable retired

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    Since May 23, 2003
    Sorry braf. Thin k I still ahve the majority of the uploads O've donme saved on m,y RAID.

    You've done a gentlemanly service for many years and you have my undying respect for it.

    I'll continue to upload to dnbshare and hopefully find alternatives to Mr Evil "Exclusive 'I've turned the treble up to 11, this mix sounds like ass after my fagg0tting around with it" Concussion."

  20. Sable retired

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    Since May 23, 2003
    Fuck mixcloud you aids ridden cuntfuck. Dunno that I;ve ever bothered to rehost a readily downloadable mix with the treble turned up to 11 and called it an exclusive. I just want people to listen to fucking good drum andbass, I don't give a fucking ratfuck where the source is from, I've never wanted plaudits, I just want people to listen.

    And mixcloud is tedious and annoying and made ten times worse by your "exclusive, treble enhanced mixes" that sound like ass. Do I apprecirate your efforts? YES, of course, I love drum and bass but fucks sake, treble, 11, NO. At least even post the original source for fucks sake. LIke the Rinse FM shows or soundcloud links. Christ on a fuck.

  21. BANTAM chills

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    Since Aug 1, 2001
    Yep, fair play mate, think most of my stash have come via that site. Much love
  22. Evil_Concussion

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    Since Mar 18, 2012
    i have a 24hours delay 24hours 7days, FM stream = same quality as podcasts.
    You know what: The tedious mixcloud is almost as popular as soundcloud and its free, life time archiving (used by many popular djs, events and clubs), no server issues or closing like the beatplexity or delated files. Listenable via app on every time for lifetime plus automatic tracklistings :)

    Why do you listen to my mixes when they`re worse in your eyes?
    you contradict yourself RIP TABLE :thumbdown
  23. Bogbrush Flex Wit Da Herb

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    Since Jan 23, 2013
    a real shame, got so many over the years.

    is the whole site being pulled or jsut he files? it owuld be good to have a searchable database of what was once on there so that perhaps someone can reupload to another host in future, and so that links across the web don't die completely.

    not like you to be a dick about it mate.

    you seem to do it for your own self aggrandizement, even posting your "HQ" (lol) links to shit bitrate renamed files from mixcloud when the original source is still available.
  24. Andy H

    Andy H
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    Since Aug 11, 2001
    Damn, just did a little search for Silent Dust on there... it seems we are far more popular on Beatplexity than our own Soundcloud!
  25. Blick Old Dog No New Tricks

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    Since Sep 29, 2006
    Sorry to hear that man, went through the same thing myself at the start of this year. One of the reasons i havent been doing a lot of mixes/mixing recently, had my mind on other matters.

    Hope you find a new job soon :twothumbs:

    Sad it's come to this :fire:

    I have a few mixes that i havent posted up yet because they were a part of a series that i wanted to compleate. I'm never going to get the rest finished before the site closes so i'm upping them now so that people will have a chance to downloadd them untill the 1st of July. After that i might bin uploading mixes.

    Really have appreciated the site you've kept going for these years having a site where you could upload mixes and not worry about them being deleated has been a godsend.

    You Sir Are A Legend :slayer:
  26. Sable retired

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    Since May 23, 2003
  27. KeM

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    Since May 16, 2001
  28. ombak

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    Since May 16, 2004
    Thanks for keeping it going for as long as you did. You've got my respect and thanks. People like yourself don't get the appreciation they deserve for the selflessness of sites like yours. :tea:
  29. Discography NVious

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    Since Apr 19, 2004
    This. I've grabbed so many mixes from there through the years. Much appreciation for that place.

  30. DEFTIL You're a wizard, Harry.

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    Since Aug 31, 2004
    So Paul, what kind of money do you need to keep the site going?

    Everyone post favorite mixes from Beatplexity that may be difficult to find hosted on other sites so others can download them and possibly upload somewhere else!