best hangover meal ?

Feb 24, 2012

  1. Bigfoot

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    i still haven't decided, but i'm probably going to get a chicken curry from my local chinese, it's filthy, you know the type of curry? really cheap with mushrooms and peas? there's something about it when you're really badly hungover!!
  2. luthatron \o/ ♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭ \o/

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    fry up. apparently the grease is good to settle the stomach and the stodge of things like hash browns and beans give you the strength to not die.

    bland too.
  3. turbo_kobra

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    kebab, lots of water and one beer
  4. Goodsound

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    Sounds like the absolute last thing i would want when hungover.

    Always got to be some dirty food like burger king or something, or I get strangely drawn to lasagne and chips when hungover,
  5. Bigfoot

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    i was on a conference for two days :smashed:

    all i've eaten today is a biscuit, a chicken & stuffing sanger and a snickers. missed breakfast completely.

    i was thinking about getting kfc just now... that could also be a win, but they don't deliver so i'd have to go out :mad:
  6. Isidoor

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    something with rice seems to help me. And also fruits but not apples because they can be heavy on the stomach. and obviously paracetamol + caffeine.
  7. Bigfoot

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    Since Mar 10, 2006
    i necked so much coffee this morning i thought i was going to vom! but once the initial wave of nausea subsided i felt infintely better.
  8. DrinkFromTheStink

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    Scrambled eggs with hot sauce, cheddar cheese, pepperoni, fried onions, hot peppers, broccoli rabe and sundried tomatoes. All fried in a massive chunk of Crisco.

    My second hangover meal choice is a fuckton of good beef jerky. The only thing you have to do is open a bag and watch bad daytime TV.

    Third choice is leftover pasta.
  9. Old Spindly

    Old Spindly
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    drink one egg cup full of soy sauce. it's an old wives tale style recipe my dad taught me, and amazingly it does work every time - totally settles the stomach and peps you up massively. something to do with all the iron apparently. i was so so reluctant to try it but now i have one literally every hangover i have, job done!
  10. blaze dis one Registered Loser

    blaze dis one
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    Anything with a shitload of chilli, when I was lucky to live near a mexican restaurant it was enchiladas which I'd drown in 3 kinds of brutally hot mexican chilli sauce. Meant I spent half the day on the toilet but my head felt much better.
  11. Tomlinwellsly

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    Fry up covered in salt and pepper and a beer to drink. Spicy foods for me can make it go either way - either burns the hangover away or adds to the pain and makes me sick.

    If you're too fucked to cook for yourself or no one else will do it, and you can't sit in a cafe, then a bacon double cheeseburger, fries, a large lemonade and also a large beer is good. I fucking LOVE lemonade when I'm hungover.
  12. KellyAnn

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    i tend to go for a combo of spicy & greasy, and always some kind of bean. usually enchiladas or migas
  13. Brecht Inaugural DOA Poker Tournament Champ

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    I'm all about the empanadas when I have a hideous hangover.

    Massive milkshake, massive coffee, massive sparkling water, double dose of alka-seltzer and some empanadas.

  14. paigalushus thought criminal

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    a hamburger: grease coats your belly, bread soaks up alcohol, the protein gets you through the day

    and wait on the water...too much and you'll be hurling it back up
  15. adam3112

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    An egg and bacon sandwich at breakfast time

    A Baked chicken breast and Potato Wedges from Morrisons




    Fry up

    Things to avoid in my experience is Fruit. (especially Satsuma/oranges) must be the acidic content.
  16. VisionIncision

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    Gotta be a fry up and a fuck load of water. Sometimes a Stella with it.
  17. JohnC PSN: manchestermans

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    I'm gonna go off course here but once I had a massive craving for some doughnuts. I got my house mate to pick me up a couple of bags and after having 2 or 3 I actually felt better! This has also happened with ice cream. I'd had a fry-up in the morning and it didn't sort me out, I went for a walk b2b fresh air and there was an ice-cream van there. Got myself an ice-cream and boom my hangover was pretty much gone not long after consuming it!:slayer:

    I could do with one now actually:smashed:
  18. QUADE

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    for me it's a fry up of nothing but meats and starches and a hearty soup and I'm straight
  19. moonswitch Just Eat More

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    I typically find the quicker you face the reality that you need some healthy stuff in you the better.

    It's pretty savage to throw down some kiwi fruit, a banana, some berries and an apple whn you get up feeling like shit, but team that with a big brew and you'll be feeling better in next to no time.

    It feels good eating shitty stuff, but for me at least it simply draws out recovery for the whole day.
  20. Transient Energy Replicant

    Transient Energy
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    Huevos Rancheros

    Fried eggs, hot salsa, refried beans, toasted tortillas OMNOMNOM
  21. apollyon /m\---[0_0]---/m\

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    A fruit salad made of succulent fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe, orange and pineapple for example) and berries (blue, rasp and straw…) is ace, delicious and re-hydrating. Oh, and whole milk.

    The fry-up is good before one goes to bed. Disco fries are win BTW.
  22. KeM

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    Noone mentioned the standard sunday Roast? Though the problem with that is half an hour later youre ready to eat another one:laughing:

    Other than that, the usual fryup/neurofen/hair of the dog usually works. I went away recently with a full on health freak and I had some next level hangover. She made me a smoothie that had a shedload of fruit and some spinach in it and that really made me feel tons better:twothumbs:

    The Baxter
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    Mai Tai and a bowl of hot and sour soup.
  24. dieselco

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    one word, three letters and it's the best hangover cure food ever.

  25. World Renowned

    World Renowned
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  26. 2turntables ♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭

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    Fry up. It worked for me last weekend when I was so hungover I puked in the morning for the first time in years. Mushrooms are essential.
  27. World Renowned

    World Renowned
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    fuck...guess i should have read the thread

    but yeah obviously i agree :slayer:
  28. messsingh

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    Strange as it seems I have never considered taking medicine! Does it help? Isn't it bad for your liver after a night of heavy drinking?

    I profess I don't really know a good way to reduce a hangover but do know chicken 'n' rice plus allowing 30 minutes for the food to settle washed down with a pint of water.

  29. rjp

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    spicy wedges with bacon, salsa and sour cream
    Though really you should be attacking a Full English obviously
  30. dieselco

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    Since May 22, 2002
    Another trick is gatorade. Definitely helps with the dehydration and loss of electrolytes after a heavy night of drinking.