Cilpz made the most technical D&B and he did it on a Nokia

Apr 11, 2012

  1. sustenance

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    Clipz proved you did not need a mac or pc to make ground breaking dnb like slippery shoes or hand grenade remix, he did it all on a nokia.
  2. Feeding Cone cuntsmasher

    Feeding Cone
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    When a producer becomes successful, they've got more money and they obviously care more about having a decent phone: so they use an iphone.

    Then again iphone is a more professional environment. People using iphones don't stay in the demo aisles for long.
  3. sustenance

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    Yeah, I am a programing engineer and I make scripts on my iphones custom note pad app that have nothing to do with music, definitely agree.
  4. Re Turn

    Re Turn
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    :laughing: b2b :cry: truth to an extent
  5. joemaki

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    ya casn get fl studio kno form iphones any way sho you could make a track on that
  6. padillac

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    gave me a good ole laugh :tea:
  7. Rogue Trooper Giant Smurf

    Rogue Trooper
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  8. tommerry11

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    Noisia just remember their samples. Who even needs computers?
  9. cookiedivine

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  10. DJ EW0K

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    It depends on the gravitational pull really
  11. roringtonsmithe

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  12. soulve

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  13. brokenfunk

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    3210 is actually how I learned to play the guitar
  14. Almighty Alias

    Almighty Alias
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    the processor chip in old nokia's are actually more powerfull than most new MAC's, and the spinach green screen really helps shape the transient and colors the top end nicely. Kind of has that Reasony sound to it.
  15. roringtonsmithe

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    Bakelite for warmth.
  16. Deevision aka BEEPO

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