converting audio into midi in cubase?

Aug 26, 2008

  1. chame1EON

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    hey, i might be simply blind & stupid but how can i convert an audio track into a midi track on cubase sx 3 (i don't have the full version though)??? THX!
  2. Basha Downs Certified Asshole

    Basha Downs
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    You can't as far as I know
  3. Bigfoot

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    Nah you can't do stuff like that... How would Cubase know how to turn a sample into midi messages?!?

    Correct me if I'm wrong - cos this would be the most awesome feature ever lol!

    You can write the notes in mate by looking at where the they are & guessing pitch. Might take a little while but you'll get quicker at it.
  4. Deadstareforlife

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    don't know if this is a solution to your needs but...if you want to convert a piece of audio into something more manipulatable then try converting it into a REX file (via Recycle), Cubase supports them as far as I know.
  5. nakwan

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    you can with cubase 4, check the slicing chapter in the manual!! ;-)
  6. obs.neurosis

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    midi is contoller data only, midi for it's own doesn't make sound...

    the best way to get a midifile of an audiofile is to use melodyne..
    melodyne detects the melody, and after that you can save this melody as a midiflie,
    for use in sequencer...
    but this is not possible with an audiofile of a complete song, with drums, piano etc...
    you need one instrument in one audiotrack!

    hope i could help you a little,
  7. synrgy

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    Yeah.. You can turn MIDI notes into audio, but not the other way around.

    If they ever make such a feature, I'm DEMANDING a mixdown button. :teeth:
  8. Basha Downs Certified Asshole

    Basha Downs
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    my sampler supports this feature and is very useful Motu Mach 5 if your wondering
  9. Mecha Hate Chimp O.G.

    Mecha Hate Chimp
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    There is software that will make the conversion from wave to midi but in my experience its not all that accurate and honestly, not worth the effort. If you're hoping to run an entire track through it and have it come notated perfectly you'll end up disappointed. It may work ok at best for simple things like short melodies or short riffs provided you're using clean unmixed audio but that's about it.

    If you're still looking something check this out:
  10. Heretic911

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    Melodyne works for melodies with clear notes, tends to be pretty bad with complicated stuff though (might be a lot better in the new version, judging by the video posted a while back. I'm still on 3.1).
  11. loachm Krisenmanager

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  12. djwreck

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    Not a stupid question at all, I used to use Logic 5.5 on the PC before Cubase SX3 and there was a standard feature that allowed you to do it.

    If you have access to logic, import the audio into the arrangement.

    Select a midi track and then right click on the audio you want to convert (maybe have to select from the audio menu at the top, can't check as I don't have logic installed any more).

    Select factory, audio to MIDI or something along those lines. This opens a window where you choose what type of music it is, ie drum pattern, classical, etc... which I guess sets what algortihm to use.

    This then creates a MIDI block in the selected MIDI track. It's pretty accurate from my experience.

    I didn't try this with newer versions, so menus might have changed since 5.5.

    I used it to copy the exact timings of drum loops when overlaying beats and also for finding out the key of orchestral samples. Damn useful, been searching but can't find anything that comes with cusbase 3 SX that does the same thing.
  13. raz0r Very Sharp.

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    Audio to midi is very inaccurate. depending on the sequencing and arrangement you might be ok.

    So long as you are attempted to breakdown a simple audio file such as strings, or piano notes - then you will probably be able to break it down quite easily. its when you start to convert orchestra pieces, it gets hard.

    If you dont have cubase 4:try do a search for something called WIDi. It is by far the best software out there; as ive tried fucking 100's of different programs. Most wont work for shit, but WIDI is great.

    Good luck.
  14. Big dapper CPFC RUNNING THINGS!!

    Big dapper
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    Can be done in logic for def..

    Just select the audio region, go to factory menu and select "midi to audio/score" i think

    and voila..

    Not entirely accurate if theres a lot of info to convert but gets it there or there abouts.:slayer: :slayer: :slayer: