current books you are reading?

May 16, 2005

  1. process

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    another book list might be nice


    "the way of the peaceful warrior" by dan millman

    really enjoying it so far, very inspiring book, good motivation to deconstruct and take life more lightly.
  2. PHYSE Sarcastic Cunt

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    cubase sx power and the great and secret show by clive barker.

  3. process

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    apparently "cloud atlas" by david mitchall is the shit, like :eek: :wtf: fiction writing. got the recomendation from a friend who ealier suggested readin "infinate jest" by david foster wallace ( which is a beast of a book but fucking brilliant) . so yea, cloud atlas is supposed to be even better ;)
  4. T3KST3P Subliminal Messaging

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    Islam and Politics
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    The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
    Last Exit to Brooklyn
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  6. process

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    how are they?
  7. Ohms Professional Wagsi!!!

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    Band of Brothers :thumbup:
  8. OnoSendai

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    Gnostic Philosophy

    and City Comes A Walkin' by John Shirley.
  9. Dawg On Aciiid Still a private...

    Dawg On Aciiid
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    selfish gene theory - richard dawkins

    gosh it is seriously one shit book, if it doesnt get more interesting soon im ditching it for something else :smashed:
  10. process

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    is it sorta about our evolutionary shortcomings, like left over shit built into us thats makes us shitty people?
  11. darf-fader 2001 or STFU

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    mr nice by howard marks......

    i've currently been reading it since 2001:eek:

    shocking innit :laughing:

    i'm fukkin lame!!

  12. Jim Bergerac Krokodil Rok

    Jim Bergerac
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    Choke by Chuck Paluhiniuk (spelling?) which I haven't decided on yet - I don't know if it's really good or just above average.

    Empire - Antonio Hardt and Michael Negri - heavy social criticism.

    The Art Of War - Niccolo Machiavelli
  13. Tendai

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    Since Jul 26, 2001
    Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
    The Unfetted Mind - Takuan Soho
    The Evolution of Consciousness of Darwinf, Freud, and Cranial Fire - The Origin of the Way We Think - Robert Ornstein

    and when i finished some of those i gonna start Awareness - Anthony DeMello
  14. process

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    Since Apr 29, 2001
    is it good?
  15. Tendai

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    Since Jul 26, 2001
    only about 40 pages in but loving it so far
  16. daz*dsb

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    Last Exit to Brooklyn... just about to get into it. Not really started it yet. It's written by the same guy who wrote Requiem for a Dream though so I think it's going to be good. Had a flick through in the shop before I picked it up and I like the style. Seems ok.
    I'll let you know once i've read a bit more.
  17. Haste

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    The complete Sherlock Holmes :pimp:

    and my sort of girlfriend lent me some book that she said is "kind of a porno, you'll really like it". Sounds interesting :laughing:
  18. KG

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    My local bookshop is currently having a 3 for 2 sale on fiction so I got:
    Roger Zelazny - The Chronicles of Amber - £9.99
    Robert E Howard - The Conan Chronicles - £8.99
    Tales of a Dying Earth - Jack Vance - £7.99

    So I got an £8 book for fuck all:smil:

    Currently I'm reading The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King.
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    Stelf Big Tings A Going On

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    :thumbup: one day i intend to finish the dark tower series.

    i'm reading this at the moment
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  20. zonefourdnb

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    Fucking amazing book right there:thumbup:

    Currently reading The Rough Guide To Rome as I'm there for a few days next week and David Copperfield by Dickens.
  21. The Nitrous

    The Nitrous
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    Le survenant. French book relating the tales of a stranger coming into a small city .

    They just released the movie.

    It's based on an old tv show.
  22. Statto

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    The Birthday of the World & other stories - Ursula Le Guin
    Rip It Up and Start Again - Simon Reynolds

  23. t00th

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    jsut got done reading the alchemist not to long ago. just started reading the book that band of brothers(hbo)was based on :slayer:

    i love war books
  24. JAIME water salt and techno

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    Touching from a Distance by Deborah Curtis

    An autobiography of the late, great Ian Curtis' wife

    my god, it is sensational
  25. KG

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    I read that a few months ago, quite suprised, its not really my cup of tea to be honest but I really liked it.
  26. MissChievous (>'.')> <('.'<)

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    "Security and Conflict in the New Century"


    Poli sci material.
  27. Alpha Nomadic Mutant Labor

    Alpha Nomadic
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    Hagakure, the Way of the Samurai

    One verse a day.
  28. smeeth Legion

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    ^ nice 1 alpha

    the diamond sutra
    the way of the bodhisattva
  29. klz

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    just finished fascination by william boyd
    before that it was vernon god little by dbc pierre
    think ill try this cloud atlas next then , my sister gave it to me for my bday , but havent gotten into it yet.
  30. Shuttergirl occasionally.

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    Since Dec 23, 2004
    "War is a Force that gives Us Meaning" by Chris Hedges.

    It's an anti-war nonfiction book. i know the title seems like it's a pro war, but it isn't. this book explains how war seduces not only those in the front lines but entire societies, corrupting politics, destroying culture, and perverting basic human desires.

    very interesting so far:thumbup: