Track cygn - now available in widescreen (august 2005)

Aug 20, 2005

  1. cygn

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    cygn - now available in widescreen

    cygn-now_available_in_widescreen-aug05.mp3 (192kbit mp3, 79min, 109 MB)

    As you can guess from the title this mix is all about cinematic tracks with orchestra/string samples. I spent quite a lot of time preparing this mix and made special edits of some of the tracks (mixed with original movie soundtracks).
    Now all you have to do is get some popcorn and imagine a movie. Enjoy the ride! :slayer:

    01. Alan Silvestri - Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (Predator OST)
    02. Harald Kloser - Dark World (Alien vs Predator OST)
    03. Adam F - Brand New Funk (DJ Suv Remix) [V Recordings]
    >>> Dom & Gridlok - Moodswings [Dom & Roland Productions]
    >>> Alan Silvestri - Attacking Brides (Van Helsing OST)
    04. Simon V (featuring The Double J's) - Odysseus [Santorin]
    >>> Dom & Gridlok - Moodswings [Dom & Roland Productions]
    05. Simon V - Icebreaker [Santorin]
    06. Loxy & Ink - Delta Ras [Metalheadz]
    07. Loxy & J Dub - Twisted Third Mind (Keaton & Hive Remix) [Metalheadz]
    08. Wendy Carlos - Music for Strings (The Shining OST)
    09. Stravinsky - Rites of Spring (DJ Lino Remix) [free mp3]
    10. Minus 8 - Recently At The Opera [Higher Ground]
    11. Matrix - Undersea Flight [Metalheadz]
    12. Chase & Status - Stand Off [Barcode]
    13. Hive - Ultrasonic Sound [FFRR/London Records]
    14. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - Deserts Of The Real [Defcom]
    15. J Majik - Silicon Valley (Arcon 2 Remix) [Infrared]
    16. Hive - Krush [Metalheadz]
    17. Source Direct - Enemy Lines [Science]
    18. Hive - Neo (Dom & Roland Remix) [Violence]
    >>> Blue Sonix - Symphony [New Identity]
    19. Chris Su - Undying [DSCI4]
    >>> Basil Poledouris - Brainbug (Starship Troopers OST)
    20. Subwave - Digital Symphony [Tech Itch]
    21. X-Men - Hangman [Eastside]
    22. Teebee - Severed Dreams [Certificate 18]
    23. Dom & Roland - Slipstream [Moving Shadow]
    24. Noisia & Bad Company - Meditation [BC Presents]
    25. Rufige Kru - Beachdrifta [Metalheadz]
    26. Adam F - Metropolis [Metalheadz]
    27. Klute - Curley Wurley [Metalheadz]
    28. Basil Poledouris - Brainbug (Starship Troopers OST)
    29. Source Direct - The Crane [Source Direct]
    30. Dissident - Dead Language [TAM]
    31. Amon Tobin - El Cargo [Ninja Tune]
    32. Vector Burn - Light Cycle [Beta]
    33. Dom & Optical - Quadrant 6 (E-Sassin Remix) [Moving Shadow]
  2. Muttley

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    this is one of the best mixes iv'e heard this year, awesome. you fitted a lot of variety into this, and i never got bored. the tune edits worked well and because some areas of the mix aren't just rolled out, more stop start, i found the 'suspense' of each track was kind of intensified because of the unpredictability.

    i think you planned this really well, like you say 'imagine a movie' - this was like an aural movie - loads of little scenes, changes and events to keep that 'cinematic' vibe, i really enjoyed it, something different. the mixes sounded great with the effects and cuts, not too many either to oversaturate.
    well done :twothumbs:
  3. LeifOines Senior Membrane

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    wow this looks awesome, high expectations! dling now..
  4. Ki all purpose razor

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    looks very cool, nice one!
  5. CaptColon(MC) DJColon

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    this is no less than absolutly fucking Superb! Extreamly well played cygn! The quality is astounding and the tunes are nothing but pure :love: Biggup! Very well produced, well executed and highly enjoyable mix.
  6. Phorte

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    been trying to get my hands on this mix for a while now but the hosting has gone down. can anyone else provide? i have pm'ed cygn already...
  7. cygn

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    That's one of the most inspirational mixes I've heard. It's a work of art: genuine passion and a lot of time has been put into that set. Well done.

    How long have you been mixing? Any other sets available?
  9. cygn

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    thanks for the compliments, i'am glad that you like it! :cool:
    I can't tell you how much time I spent on this. The mixing, maybe 3 days (trying alternatives, redoing the thing lots of times). But telling you how much time went into selecting the tracks is impossible because I think about it all the time, when I listen to tracks. I always have some ideas for themed mixes and sort tracks accordingly. For this mix I had like 120 'cinematic' tracks to choose from.
    Some other mixes I've done:

    all calyx mix
    piano vibes vol.1 (only tunes with piano samples)
    blunt trauma (focus on deep tunes with heavy basslines)
    synapse konspiracy
    dubbed down (dub, electronica, downtempo)

    of those only "dubbed down" and "piano vibes" are currently up. the rest is on which is down at the moment.
  10. jungle_stompar

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    is there someone rapping in the backround at all during this mix.
  11. cygn

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    :laughing: no MCs on this mix!
  12. Phorte

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    thanks for the new link!! grabbing it now ;)

    i remember your all-calyx mix and enjoyed that too. looking forward to this one!

    keep up the great work!
  13. k2pik

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    ty for da new link on zi download :whitey:
  14. LeifOines Senior Membrane

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    can anyone hook me up with a copy of blunt trauma, t/l looks rediculous
  15. cygn

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  16. robotone ___________

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    i cant seem to d/l this i hit 'download now' and nothing happens
  17. RocDollar :S

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    Excellent work cygn... Ive been looking for someone that mixes DNB with Ableton for a while..

    The mix is seamless and very entertaining. Some of the loops are wielded with such deft aplomb that I was beside myself at times. The Big L interlude is wicked as are the orchestral interludes... What you have done is use some well known hooks and incorporate them as loops - works very well indeed.

    I would love to hear more dnb sets if you have any? I notice most others are from other genres of dance.

    Ableton and Traktor users like us are few and far between in DNB but I hope sets like this will make people take software mixing more seriously. Big up and I hope there are more on the way!!

  18. cygn

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    Thanks RocDollar! :thumbup:

    I don't know of many ableton dnb sets. There is one by Outrage here. Paradox' sets are also live sets. He doesn't use Ableton, but he plays loops and samples from his tracks. Amit played an Ableton set a few days ago. I'd love to get my hands on that :D
    Roni Size plays with Ableton too, I've heard.
    Then there is one very good Ableton set by Tako at . He made special techno edits from dnb tracks (so it's not a dnb set anymore).

    Some of my other dnb sets done with ableton:
    blunt trauma
    twinkling dream
    all calyx mix
    piano vibes
    unicomplex tracklist
  19. mrgone

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    wow, nice tracklisting / combinations

    and a cue file
    now thats what i call service