don goliath & chuck fender acapella to refix - rls opportunity

Feb 3, 2011

  1. PuNiSHa

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    here goes a new pella of mine for u to consider to refix (it s a combination tune with reggae star chuck fender doing the verses):

    if u like to go for it pm me so ima send u a link to the full length wav file.

    i plan to rls a 4 track ep with 4 dubstep refixes of this pella on my label dubstep division recordings so chances r urs could be amongst those.

    deadline for the refix would be in around 2 months.

    the original tune (the vocal got voiced on) isnt finished yet so all i can show as a preview/reference for now is the pella on its own.

    also check out my other pellas which r avail for refixes as well:
    feat. sweetie irie: