Dub Phizix & DRS - Broken Audio Pod V21

Jan 23, 2011

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    This months podcast is brought to you from manchesters, Dub Phizix & DRS.

    Dub Phizix
    Manchester based Drum and Bass producer Dub Phizix began his obsession with music over 15 years ago by annoying the neighbours with a guitar, a double tape deck and his Dads collection of 7” records.
    10 years later and Dub Phizix is an accomplished producer having made music in a variety of styles. Credits include tracks for Nokia and V inspired and have featured on MTV, BBC and 4Music. During this time he also released music on IDJR and remixed for Panjabi MC and DRS. The latter, being "Slow that Flow" which received support and airplay from Ras Kwame, Mistajam, Chimpo, The Steppahs and MRK-1. Other DJs to play his music include Fabio, Goldie, Doc Scott, Marcus Intalex, D Bridge, A-sides, Bailey, Loxy, Digital, Data, Sabre, L Double, S.P.Y, Spectrasoul, Marky, Ulterior motive,Kasra, Stray, Synkro and many more.

    He has collaborated with many artists such as Future Cut, Skeptical, Marcus Intalex, Kasra, Fox, Broke ‘N’ English, Skittles and Virus Syndicate. He also carried out production and mix work for the majority of acts on the Manchester music circuit from his “Dub Tub” studio, which he ran for 2 years from above Sankeys Soap nightclub. This varied from hip-hop to
    Indie to Folk.

    As a DJ, he mixed the worlds first games mod for Grand Theft Auto alongside MC Code:breaker. As well as appearances at nights including Soul:ution, Hit and Run and Platoon. He was also one third of the Phizical education show on Unity radio with DJ Pale and MC Longman.
    2010 was the year when Dub Phizix, Drum and Bass surfaced. With music being signed and released throughout the year. The first of which OK [feat Fox] b/w Heart Soul and Mind came out in the first 1/4 of the year on IDJR. “Between Us” was released n August on the “Without Borders” LP on Translation recordings with “Handmade to follow on a 12”epilogue. September saw the release of “Fallen angel” a collaboration with Skeptical on Ingredients records.

    Dub Phizix has forthcoming tracks with Soul:r | Creative Source | Commercial suicide | Dispatch | Nu Directions.

    With a reputation stretching back over 15 years, DRS is a truly versatile MC, host and lyricist. Cutting his teeth and touring worldwide with the legendary Good Looking label, his soulful style on the mic and honest lyrics are unmatched. In recent years, he’s been an integral part of the Soul:r camp, recording tracks with Mist:ical, Lynx & Kemo and Calibre as well appearing as resident MC for Soul:ution and A Bunch of Cuts nights. DRS is also part of hip-hop crew Broke’n’English, alongside fellow MC Strategy and DJ Konny Kon, and a recording artist in his own right. Look out for his debut album in 2010 plus upcoming releases alongside Calibre, Mist:i:cal, Craggz & Parallel Forces and Alley Cat.

    DRS started MCing for Marcus Intalex in the early Hardcore raves around Manchester and Liverpool in the early 1990s, before moving south to Bournemouth on the coast in Dorset and began residences at the Opera House, Club Extreme and various South Coast drum and bass venues. In 1996 DRS hooked up with the Good Looking Organisation, joining the promotional tour for LTJ Bukem's Logical Progression Volume 1 compilation. For the next five years, DRS became synonymous with Logical Progression and went on to record Volume 2 in the series alongside Blame. He also ventured into the studio and laid down vocals on tracks with LTJ Bukem ("Constellations") and Nookie ("Pushing the Vibe")
    He has since moved onwards and upwards, working closely with fellow Mancunian's Marcus Intalex and ST Files and their Soul:r label. As well as recording tracks with Mist:ical, Lynx & Kemo and Calibre, DRS is host MC for Soul:ution nights worldwide including their bi-monthly residency at London club Fabric. He also toured on the Misti:cal LP tour (providing vocals for the title track, 'The Eleventh Hour') and with Calibre for his "Second Sun" album tour in 2006.

    If further evidence of his versatility is required, it can be found in DRS' recent work along house producers Kouros adding a soulful and melodic voice to their track, 'Tears.' In 2009, DRS has been touring once again with visits to Australia and New Zealand alongside Calibre. Their latest single, 'Loves Too Tight to Mention' demonstrates exactly why the two work so well together and DRS has also appeared as a guest on Calibre's most recent LP. As well as hosting Soul:ution residencies in Manchester and London, he's also resident MC at the A Bunch of Cuts night alongside MC Justyce and SP:MC.

    Dub Phizix & DRS – Broken Audio Podcast Vol 21

    Soundcloud Link 1 - http://soundcloud.com/broken-audio/dub-phizix-drs-broken-audio-podcast-v21

    Soundcloud Link 2 - http://soundcloud.com/broken-audio-podcasts

    dnbshare Link - http://dnbshare.com/download/DubPhizix_DRS-BrokenAudioPodcastvol21...mp3.html

    For those wondering about the tune @28.40, its a Dub Phizix remix of Sabre - 100 teeth and he will be giving it away free once he reaches 500 followers on the new fan page here:

    Don’t forget the Broken Audio Night (FREE EVENT) on Saturday 5th March @ The Hat Factory, Luton

    DBR UK

    MC’s Fokus | Phantom | Lydon

    Event Info - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=191421350874113

    Broken Audio are proud to present their debut album 'Raise The Bar LP' made up of 19 tracks.
    With many delays and set backs along the way Broken Audio are proud to finally have this released and would like to say a very big thank you to all the artists & everyone involved with the label and not forgetting our followers.

    ONLINE STORE - http://www.junodownload.com/products/raise-the-bar-lp/1674368-02/

  2. fonik i pretend to be a dj from time to time

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    marked, dub phizix is a badman
  3. Alegria DrumObsession / Bassdrive

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    Also it's up. Didn't expect it to be with and MC, but oh well... exclusive tracks and all that jazz, gotta be talked over. Let's just hope DRS knows when to give it a rest ;)

    Big up Broken Audio crew.
  4. lema

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    Since Mar 3, 2008
    Linky, linky please!

    DRS is quality man, one of the bests in the game. Sun & Bass with Calibre was sick :heart:
  5. Audi@ Hostility

    Audi@ Hostility
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  6. dnb_smurf201

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    Is this up to download? Can't see it on itunes
  7. Broken Audio Recordings

    Broken Audio Recordings
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    it is live on soundcloud & dnbshare and will be live on itunes by the end of the week....;)
  8. lema

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    This is fucking next level big up Phizix, DRS & Broken Audio :love: b2b :fett:

    1. ? - ?
    2. Lenzman - More Than I Can Take
    3. Dub Phizix - Rainy City Music
    4. Loxy & Resound - Vertigo
    5. ? - ?
    6. Calibre - Open Your Eyes
    7. Mute & Mako - Astral Transmissions
    8. BTK - Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix)
    9. ? - ?
    10. ? - ?
    11. EBK - Clouds
    12. Dub Phizix - SIIIICK!
    13. Dub Phizix - Handmade
    14. Octane & DLR - Drop Out
    15. Linden & Blocks - Queen of my Empire
    16. ? - ?
    17. Mad Rabbit - Mob Justice
    18. ? - ?
    19. Need For Mirrors & Stapelton - Greazy
    20. ? - ?
    21. ? - ?
    22. Alix Perez & Noisia - Loose Ends
    23. Chimpo and Fox - Harder
  9. [Ex]:AMPLE

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    Stop being ungrateful.

    Big ups Dub Phizix, DRS and Broken Audio !!! Big things!!!

    Check Dub Phizix b2b Skeptical at our Bday Party next month ...

  10. dnb_smurf201

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    Big ups guys. Soundin sick as, loadsa awesome tunes on there. What's the reggae tune right at the end?
  11. Ruptured Beats

    Ruptured Beats
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  12. [Ex]:AMPLE

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  13. [Ex]:AMPLE

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  14. Alegria DrumObsession / Bassdrive

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    Hey, I'm not ungrateful. Always appreciated the BAR Podcasts, and re-read my post, I do recognise and understand the need for the tracks to be talked over. Guess I'm more used to the normal podcast style, of the author/DJ talking over it with random banter.

    DRS IS quality, but even the best MCs have their moments of stepping a bit on the music. Let's hope he flows with it like on Sun & Bass indeed. Geez, it's not like I said that he sucks or did any kind of generic hating that goes standard on DOA... ;)

    Gotta have a listen to this soon!

    Oh and hey, free bumps.
  15. craft Clack clack boom

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  16. brian@translation

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  17. Broken Audio Recordings

    Broken Audio Recordings
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    Big ups everyone for there support on this one, out to George & Del Manchester's finest
  18. the45tim

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    wicked suff, whats the track at 36mins ?
  19. marukomu

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    Quality as always.
  20. Pessimist

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    wicked mix, nice 1 dub phizix, drs & broken audio boys! them mancs done a good job on this!
  21. Pessimist

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    Since Jun 8, 2009
    wicked mix, nice 1 dub phizix, drs & broken audio boys! them mancs done a good job on this
  22. morphy

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  23. mr foul

    mr foul
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    Sounding big :dutty:
  24. temper_d

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    Some absolute stonkers on this mix. Massive:dutty:
  25. hilbert~

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    As a DJ, he mixed the worlds first games mod for Grand Theft Auto alongside MC Code:breaker."

    what does this mean? id this refering to the moving shadow mix on the old GTA? because I thought that was timecode.

    Anyway, thanks for the mix downloading now:biggrin:
  26. Linden

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    Big mix

    15. Linden & Blocks_Queen of my Empire
  27. Amoss Andy & James

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    Quality stuff! :tea:
  28. KeM

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    some massive tunes:biggrin:
  29. Broken Audio Recordings

    Broken Audio Recordings
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    Big ups everyone for there support on this one
  30. arne90

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