Dub Phizix & Skeptical feat Strategy - Marka (Rockwell Remix)

Jun 17, 2012

  1. Mikey Payload

    Mikey Payload
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    What happened to this? I heard Rockwell play it on a Ministry of Sound Radio Shogun Audio show a while back and now it's vanished.
  2. TRYT

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    You got me all excited for nothing :mad:
  3. Mikey Payload

    Mikey Payload
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    Since Mar 9, 2001
  4. Mikey Payload

    Mikey Payload
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    Since Mar 9, 2001
    Everybody too lazy to download and comment or just waiting for a clip? I have a feeling this will be a new thread in a few months.
  5. guise Convict Digital

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    So he remixed Marka and Say Nothing?

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    Say Nothing remix is better than the Marka remix, which is weird since Marka is better than Say Nothing.

    Both are interesting takes on the originals, but they're so "Rockwell" that I can't imagine anyone else really playing them and getting away with it.
  7. GypsyP not too sure

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    it's the last tune
  8. kamelias

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    ugh what

    can't stand that say nothing remix he did, just ruins the vibe completely

    IMO ofcourse :teeth:
  9. TRYT

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    Both are shit.
  10. freeradical8 Unregistered User Staff Member

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    love a lot of rockwell's stuff but this remix is garbage. :thumbdown:thumbdown
  11. luthatron \o/ ♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭ \o/

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    the rockwell remix of netsky is really quite amazing.
  12. AJ_Mutated_Forms

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    Both D-Bridge and Dub Phizix said there will never be a Marka remix? (not officially anyway)

    Pretty sure this is just a really good double-drop, you can hear every single element of the track coming through without the lows - think he just uses a little FX machine that lets you pitch a tune down without the tempo changing? I'm sure if he did get to remix Marka he'd do an amazing job tbh.
  13. guise Convict Digital

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    That's Marka mixed with Yonkers. :smashed:
  14. Bison

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  15. guise Convict Digital

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    It would have taken less time for you to make a clip, and upload that, instead up the entire set. By the time this finishes, I'm gonna forget about it, find it in my DL folder, wonder wtf I downloaded a Rockwell Shogun show, and throw it in the recycle bin.

    So clip it up, dude.

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    Like I said, they're both a bit too "Rockwell" even for diehard Rockwell fans to play, they're the sort of things that only really work in the context of his own sets I think.

    I tell you what though, I have a fierce amount of respect for that kid as a DJ, he's something special; not too many people in DnB with the balls to play tunes the way he does, and even rarer to see someone really working a pair of CDJ's doing all the cool fiddly shit you can actually do with them as opposed to just using them to get smoother mixes, cheaper luggage fees and zero-cost dubplates to play. He really knows them inside out.

    As for his actual selection, that's braver still I think, utter disregard for tempo and genre, mixing in Hip Hop and House tunes into a DnB set and making it all flow properly and have no abrupt leaps of tempo is no easy job. He's easily one of the better DJ's we ever had over, certainly of the new crop of heads.
  17. Mikey Payload

    Mikey Payload
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    Since Mar 9, 2001
    Any sets online? I'd love to have some for the iPod

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    I'm sure there are, I don't actually have any but I've seen him twice and been very impressed both times.

    His radio shows are the best of the Shogun shows by a country mile too, doesn't talk too much and plays great music from across the board, much much more than just a boring run through of whatever bassy minimal roller is out next month mixed into another bassy minimal roller that won't be out for another three months etc etc.
  19. Snowball

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    @ Tyranny : Oooh you just made me really want to see him now. I missed him last fall, I didn't go because I figured it would be the generic Shogun/Critical minimal steppers mix I've seen everything single "deep dnb"headliner play (incl. Flight, utter disappointment) for the last 3 years. Will check him next time.
  20. Alegria DrumObsession / Bassdrive

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    Get the Data Transmission Podcast he made, one of the best mixes of 2010.
  21. lema

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    so he pitched down the vocals of Marka with the mixer? :rolleyes2
  22. invisible.zero

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    I see a lot of hate for the man who is doing what he feels like to do and that are varieties of all kind of music. He's showing that thru all these remixes and the tunes he made so far, not to mention that his album is going to be the mixure of all kind of genres no matter is it techno or grime, dubstep or smth experimental. Keep on rocking Rocky :)

    Mixes wise...

    Rockwell - Mixmag Dj Lab - June 2012

    >>> http://soundcloud.com/rockwell/mixmag-dj-lab-june-2012/download


    01. ASAP Rocky - Goldie
    02. Jubei Feat. Flowdan - Say Nothin (Rockwell Remix) [Metalheadz]
    03. Netsky - Come Alive (Rockwell Remix)
    04. Rockwell - Untitled [Dub]
    05. Sabre - Halo Danger [Dispatch]
    06. Foreign Concept - Mob Justice (Enei Remix) [Critical]
    07. Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold [C.I.A DeepKut]
    08. Emperor - Monolith [Modulations]
    09. Rockwell - Tripwire [Shogun Audio]
    10. Rockwell & Alix Perez - Untitled [Dub]
    11. Prolix - Saw Head [Commercial Suicide]
    12. Mefjus - Distantia [Neosignal]
    13. Untitled - Untitled [Dub]
    14. Phace & Rockwell - No! [Neosignal]
    >> Fierce & Cause 4 Concern - Carrier [Quarantine]
    15. The Prototypes - Subterrestrial VIP [Shogun Audio]
    16. Sub Focus - Druggy [Ram]
    17. Rockwell - Constant Complex Rhythmic Sound [Shogun Audio]
    18. Rockwell - Untitled [Dub]


    Rockwell - Shogun Audio Podcast - April 2012

    non-iTunes >>> http://tinyurl.com/bso3rtx
    iTunes >>> http://tinyurl.com/bup2cc2


    01. Gamma - Chronic
    02. Khanage - Snakes and Ladders
    03. Alix Perez & Rockwell - Ballbag
    04. Fracture - Get Busy
    05. Skeptikal & Dub Phizix - Marka
    06. Jubei ft. Flowan - Say Nothing
    07. Mutated Forms - Look What You Have Done
    08. Sabre - Halo Danger
    09. Noisia & Phace - MPD
    10. dbridge - Not What You Want
    11. Submotion Orchestra - Its Not Me It's You (Alix Perez Remix)
    12. Spectrasoul - Light In the Dark
    13. Rockwell - Tripwire
    14. Phace - Stresstest
    15. The Prototypes - Subterrestrial VIP
    16. Subfocus - Druggy
    17. Rockwell - ConstantComplexRhythmicSound
    18. C4C - Synergy


    Rockwell - Ministry of Sound - March 2012

    >>> http://tinyurl.com/clztfn8


    01. Amit - Manic Minor
    02. Commix - Justified (Spectrasoul Remix)
    03. Spectrasoul - Light In The Dark
    04. DBridge - Not What You Want [ Shogun dub ]
    05. dBridge - 5th Floor
    06. Spectrasoul - Wedgehead
    07. Sabre - Halo Danger
    08. Foreign Concept - Mob Justice (Enei Remix)
    09. Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold
    10. Hazard - Food Fight VIP
    11. Mutated Forms - Look What You Have Done
    12. Future Cut - Obsession (Ulterior Motive Remix)
    13. Rockwell - Tripwire
    14. Alix Perez & Rockwell - Ball Bag
    15. Gamma - I'm Sick
    16. Khanage - Snakes & Ladders
    17. Rockwell - Shards
    18. Dub Phizix - Marka (Rockwell Remix)
    19. Benga & Coki - The Night (Shy FX & Breakage Remix)
    20. Fracture - Get Busy
    21. Spectrasoul - Shackles
    22. Mefjus - Distantia
    23. Phace & Rockwell - Rat Race
    24. Phace - Stresstest
    25. Mindscape ft. Hydro - Skid Row
    26. Untitled - Untitled
    27. Rockwell - ConstantComplexRhythmicSound
    28. Noisia - Facade VIP
    29. Spinline - Tokyo
    30. Emperor - Tension
    31. B Traits - Fever (dBridge Remix)
    32. Fracture - Get Busy


    Enjoy :)
  23. khal the least jiggy.

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    this was a fun set. thx for posting it, if not i would've.

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    Since Apr 24, 2002

    He's one of the least "generic" people in DnB IMO.
  25. d&bfiend

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    Since Dec 17, 2004
    i personally love what hes doing. so much talent
  26. Alegria DrumObsession / Bassdrive

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    All about the Say Nothing rmx.

  27. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey
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    Great producer and great DJ but couldn't think of anyone worse to remix Say Nothin' OR Marka (Not that there is a Marka remix as it turns out). His production sound is too glossy and intricate for those raw, simple tunes imo. And changing them into glossy, intricate works ruins the vibe.
  28. Bronkill

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    This basically apart from the fact he inspires you to play some of his deeper tracks in your own sets and go a bit left field. For me he is a leading light in the scene and is the only one in the shogun camp that is different. When he goes generic neuro he just kills it:tea:

  29. Dave Roberts Amen Bizness Seen'

    Dave Roberts
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    Good to see some love for Rockwell he was always a fave of mine when I used to rinse 170 and I was interested to hear his take on someone else's tunes. I remember the first time I heard 'Noir' and it had some intricacy/vibe it was definitely something new. In fact the whole Noir EP just showed that he was definitely something new. I don't listen to as much as I used to but he is definitely for sure one of the most unique and clever producers rather than being a bass driven and simplistic producer who makes tunes that we have all heard over ten times.
  30. k0mA dnb maniac

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