EDJ Interview: Silent Dust

Oct 13, 2011

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    Having been releasing music under their respective monikers (Zyon Base & Hobzee) for a fair number of years, this duo's reinvention under their new Silent Dust name saw them move into musical territory far removed from the more straight-forward melodic rollers that they were known for both as individual artists and as a double act. It is also fair to say that the 'issues' behind the scenes have made the run up to their impending LP launch far more tempestuous than it should have been - destined for one label but now being released on another, delays, wrangles and all manner of d&b clich├ęs have hampered what is one of the most anticipated LP projects amongst the more discerning D&B heads in recent years. EDJ caught up with Dan Zyon Base, one half of Silent Dust, for a chat about the project, the trials and tribulations they have endured and what they have planned for the future...

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    great interview! big up all involved!

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