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Jul 5, 2011

  1. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    Here's a really good website full of loads, if you don't already know.

    Watched a pretty interesting one on smoking yesterday and how pretty much all of the big companies main priority was marketing cigarettes to children.

    There's also a few good ones on drug barons and stuff like that.
  2. Incubus

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    i recommend this

    for a few reason

    1 some fo the crop circles are actually amazingly designed
    2 some of the people are utter fail
    3 indented inside the crop circles is a math problem we havent been able to solve for over 2000 years, and yet the solution turns up in a field lol

    regardless of what you believe its actually pretty interesting
  3. DJ Tainted

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  4. Wu Lala

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    Ive been rinsing that site for ages, and actually, I get stuck looking for things that sound interesting but I havent already seen. I guess it doesnt help I just browse them by title :teeth: But ya, if anyone sees some good shit on there post up a link in here, doesnt matter what sort of doc, so we can keep track of things worth watching as theres so many on there you just get lost.

    Was watching one from there last night on Chernobyl, wasnt the best made doc in the world but it was interesting. Didnt realise how much of a clusterfuck the whole thing was and how close it came to blowing up again and taking a good part of europe with it. Insane how fucking ramshackle the whole incident was, a country that slack shouldnt be allowed to play with these sorts of things.
  5. ravermattyb

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    Ta very much. Bang goes my evening :twothumbs:
  6. HamsterHam

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    Cheers for the links dogs. :twothumbs:
  7. obscure

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    Awesome documentary, just watched it !! The man made ones are so shit there is no way any man or women could make some of those geometric patterns.

  8. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    I'm going to give it a watch tonight. Sounds good.

    If you could find me a decent documentary on DMT that would be cool, i found a couple but there not amazing and not quite what i was looking for.
    You seem like the guy who would know out of anybody on here.
  9. sinda Firejosé

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    watched that cropcircle thing. :slayer: mindblowing

    about DMT you surely have watched spirit molecule? or that's too basic for u?
  10. Fizzik Bonafied Geezer

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    Watched about ten heroin/meth documentaries.

    Some bloke called Weasel started taking Meth when he was 11, using everyday several times. Crazy.
  11. Lazarus Long Classic Beagle

    Lazarus Long
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  12. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    This is a truly amazing documentary, even the military were filmed chasing those balls of light. Plus the message in the binary code about their planet and DNA compared to ours.

    Absolutely nuts. Anyone who thinks we're the only people in the universe is just ignorant and misinformed.
  13. obscure

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    Isn't really much about DMT to be honest like sinda said DMT : The spirit Molecule
    Or watch some Terrence Mckener or Joe Rogan talks!!

    That crop circles doc I think for me is 100% proof we are not alone.

    I will bet my life that there is advanced civilisations in this solar system as well as pretty much every other solar system in the this galaxy and every other galaxy in the cosmos!!!
  14. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    I've seen the spirit molecule and it was quite interesting but i wanted more of a first person view / trip report and the meaning and understanding behind the drug and what the possibilities are when we use it to its full ability.

    The crop circles doc is 100% proof for me last night, the amount of detail and the way the corn was boiled into place just can not be done by humans in under 30mins.
    The video footage of a crop circle being formed was amazing as well.

    Why do people just bury their heads in the sand and accept everything the government tells them without even batting an eye lid.

    It was also very interesting to see how the 'aliens' were giving us puzzles to work out, to try and help us more forward in the right direction, instead of the typical hollywood version of them wanting to take the world over and kill everyone.

    Going to watch a few more ones like this, starting to get very interested.

    Anyone else who thinks its all bullshit and made up by hoaxers please just watch that video and give a response i'd be interested to see how people can make up an excuse for that documentary.
  15. obscure

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    I will have a search about and let you know :cool:

    Yeah I'd like to hear what people think.. Where's 2turntable's he normally pipes up and gives his 2 cent's worth I want to know what his rational explanation will be!!

    Also have you seen this?? It's ok it's pretty far out but worth a watch!!

  16. tomi

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    anything by adam curtis
  17. Incubus

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    glad you like the doc, im a massive UFO freak, if you like this, then check out jamie maussan UFO conferences (2005-2011) some amaizng UFO videos in there

    but crop circles are something special, IF this is people creating the,m then fare play, but i highly doubt it, the fact that theres a maths equation in them, that solves a 2000 years maths problem is more proof to me, if you were a person that worked out this maths problem, why the fuck would you go through the hassle of hiding in crop circles, it jsut doesnt add up

    even if you dont believe in any of this shit, you cant deny that some of the crop circles made are truly amazing, that DNA strand one is mind boggling, and binary? really? someone worked out the binary and managed to make a 100ft crop circles in 4 hours of night?


    still glad you enjoyed it, as i said there are some lols in the doc, some of the people really dont help the argument

  18. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    Yeah i'll give that a look.
    The other thing was those white dots that appeared in the peoples hands when they were inside the crop circle. That is not fake, so what the fuck is going on there?
    That doc has proper spooned me out aha, i already kinda had my own view on the whole thing and i always knew we weren't alone but that's just the final little push into fully believing.

    The bit about stone henge and all of those special burial sites as well was very interesting.
    We are definitely just a bunch of sheep with a blind fold over our eyes, a few people at the top of the government and military know whats really going on and i feel they are reaping the benefits of these crop circles and what they truly mean.

    If more people were open to this kind of thing and didn't just think its a bunch of pot smoking hippys running around with tin foil on their head our population would be thousands if not millions of years ahead.

    They say their population was 24billion, that is an outstanding figure and they know what energy's to use and how to renew them. Instead of our stupid logic of making things that are designed to break so we invest more money back into the system and waste so many materials whilst also littering our planet.

    I wanna know what they all know ARGHHH!!
  19. Yes - Yes

    Yes - Yes
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    Will defiantly watch this as I'm a massive sceptic when it comes to other life forms visiting this planet. I would like to think if intelligent life has visited this planet they would do more than just be an intergalactic Banksy.

    There is a really good documentary on there about Area 51 which I quite enjoyed though.

    Also from that site I recommend the history of disbelief series and the war you don't see.

    My mate has just finished the first series of through the wormhole and has recommended that I watch it. He said it's the most balanced discussion his ever seen of how and why we are here.
  20. obscure

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    Totally agree... The binary one needs to be looked at!!
    Also there seem's to be a spiritual connection with the geometric patterns which is something the mason's have known since the building on Solomon's Temple.

    I like this pictures that guy has on his wall of all the patterns since 2000 some of them are amazing :slayer:
  21. Incubus

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  22. Tony Montana AKA DJ Lean

    Tony Montana
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    crop circle doc provides absolutely no evidence....what an utter load of bollocks. Can't believe I even imagined that it wouldn't be some hippy air
  23. Incubus

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    ok, so how are they made then?
    how is the crop bent the way it is, then, when they only way to do this is with extreme heat?
    how are they mathematically perfect?
    how do they contain mathematical solutions that we havent been able to solve in 2000 years?
    how are they made in under 5 hours?

    dont get me wrong im sure some are man made, but some just boggle the mind on how they are created in such a short amount of time, especially considering the complexity

    not heard any decent explanation other tha, 'a couple of blokes with string and poles', im sorry that doesnt add up
  24. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    says dj lean.
  25. 2010 or STFU Banned by DOA

    2010 or STFU
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    Finding Atlantis :

    In 2011, a team of American archeologists claimed that they have found the location of the lost city of Atlantis located in the park. The site is approximately 5 miles inland from the coast, and is located under the mudflats in the park. Their theory is that a giant tsunami wiped the city off the map. They further pointed to "memorials" around the location, which are archeological sites with similarities to the Atlantean legend. The archeologists made the claim that these sites were founded by survivors of the disaster. Experts' investigations are ongoing. The archeologists' claims were shown in a special of the National Geographic Channel on March 13, 2011. - explained in detail
  26. Incubus

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    sounds cool, will check this
  27. Tony Montana AKA DJ Lean

    Tony Montana
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    I have absolutely no idea how they are made
  28. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    But there fake...

    Idiots like you littering this planet, shouldn't you be attending the news of the world funeral anyway?
  29. Tony Montana AKA DJ Lean

    Tony Montana
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    You certainly have jumped to a conclusion they're
  30. The Calm Before The Storm

    The Calm Before The Storm
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    aha, touche i suppose.

    but still, i'd like to know how you think they are made?