Fracture & FD - Galvanise/No Rest [Subtitles]

Feb 19, 2012

  1. zeroec Superbad

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  2. The Ideologists word up

    The Ideologists
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    Have been feeling this one for a while, big tune
  3. I-Witness

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    "FREE MP3s of Galvanise / No Rest by Fracture & FD when you buy the Vinyl"

    do other dnb labels do this too for 12"s now?

    i stopped buying new releases on vinyl, but if they would, i would buy more vinyl again
  4. provost .

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    just the ones that have Surus stores afaik - which is most of the ST Holdings catalogue

    makes sense really - better to have a digital master than a vinyl rip plus it's something to chew on whilst the plastics in the post :spliff:
  5. Commander

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    Going to buy it now, nice techy tunes, reminds of Ed rush & Optical. Loving the surus website.
  6. zeroec Superbad

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    my thoughts exactly

    the genius about F & N is that they are looking back and forward at the same time

    No Rest/Galvanise is Neuro done in a good way, part old Virus, part techy, part 1997 jazz and Techstep

    Music Y┬┤all/Bad Habit/Hush The Crowd is old jump up and old Bristol style crossed with The Elementz of Noize sampling oldskool HipHop

    The Limit/Hot Spot/The Trunk is early Virus meets early RH meets Danny Breaks Vertigo/Migraine done in a good way

  7. techskunk Banned by DOA

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    yeah my fav type of dnb def. bagging this digitally

    thanks zero-c
  8. Risc_Terilia DarkLord of the Socialism

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    so sick tbf
  9. H-Arms sunrise > sunset

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  10. lema

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    St Holdings owns Surus. Most, if not all, labels distributed by St Holdings are on there and for the most Vinyl releases there is a 320 MP3 included for free. :twothumbs:
  11. Commander

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    Mate I can't stop laughing a your sig! Gets me every time!