Glitchhop vs Moombahton

Mar 21, 2012

  1. Hessel Hessel

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    it's funny how rightnow there's Moombahton and Glitchhop in the 110 bpm range, both becoming insanely popular. it kinda reminds me of those 2 genres ''dubstep'' and ''grime'' back in the days.

    Grime was just a little to gangsta or maybe not excesible enough while Dubstep was for everyone, way more versatile, so it survived.

    it will be cool to see what will happen with Glitchhop and Moombah.

    both genres are being played at Drum&Bass raves, and it won't be long untill they will be Mature genres

    which of the 2 you think will win?
  2. majin Psyker

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    I really like the KOAN Sound kinda stuff, and on the other hand I really dislike the Dillon Francis kinda stuff. Not sure which label you'd put to each of those but the slow dutch house/reggae blippy police siren stuff I can't stand at all.
  3. powerstrip

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    only difference is moombahton sucks ass and glitch hop is awesome
  4. powerstrip

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    Most moombahton tracks are nothing but the same fucking note over and over, you called it. Police siren, annoying as fuck and catering to american spring breakers

    fuck it
  5. Hessel Hessel

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    Since Jul 6, 2006
    well tbh Glitchhop is more for nerds and Moombahton is more for Partypeeps! :)

    it's all a matter of taste. I like both!

    but I have to say that a lot of glitchhop sounds the same. they are all trying to copy Koan Sound and Tipper.

    very funky, but a year after ''Max Out'' (awesome track!) it's starting to get boring.

    with Moombahton on the other hand, you can easily fill up a set, without having it sound the same! a handfull of artists are REALLY pushing it! :)

    Moombahton takes influences from everywhere! from DutchHouse(the most obvious one) but also from Drum&Bass (the new Munchi stuff!!!), from Dubstep (check out Bro safari's new EP!) and also from Hardcore! I've heard moombahton tracks that sound like Gabber records at 108 bpm! with long drawn out distorted kickdrums! really cool stuff! and ofcourse you have a whole collection of latin / reggeaton tracks you can add to your set as well!

    so yeah, Moombahton is diverse!
  6. imPray

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    Moombahton is cool but it will take a while for good enough music to appear since there are so many shit tracks going around everywhere. Most moombahton I hear just sounds like different versions of the same fucking track it's hilarious.
  7. Haskins

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    The world definitely needs more degrading generalizations, they definitely add to the value of our civilization.

    I, for one, prefer Glitch Hop over Moombahton, as I find it to be much more interesting in terms of structure and way more musical. I am not really into the whole cheesy electro- and house stuff with the madly boring four to the floor beats as well, so slowing it down just increases the boringness, also the whole "Dutch" sound is about as worn out as a 50 year old escort girl, which does not add much of an interesting touch to Moombahton for me either. Lastly, the person that decided that calling a genre "Moombahton" was a good idea should strongly reconsider if that was a good idea, regardless of what the reason was to call it that way.
  8. Hessel Hessel

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    Since Jul 6, 2006
    fair enough. i agree with you on the ''Dutch'' sound, if you mean one note sirene/bleep melodies by that. (afrojack stuff)

    but other then that particular sound, I can definitely see Moombahton having the potential to be very diverse.

    Yes, it's 4 on the floor, but on this tempo it makes sense, because you have a lot of space between each kick to add groove! + girls like to shake their booty on it! ;)

    If I had to summorize the difference between the 2 styles.. Moombahton is about Groove and Glitchhop about Funk
  9. felun

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    could some-one throw up some links to good examples of each to check out?

  10. underspawn

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    Glitchhop is fine but that moombahton thingy is the worst genre i've heard :smashed:
  11. powerstrip

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    Since Nov 22, 2008
  12. pdognz

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    I really like the glitchhop stuff I've heard (Tipper, Opiuo, KOAN sound)

    On the other hand, someone posted a moombahton set on the board a few months back that everyone was creaming themselves over so I dled it to expand my horizons... There is no :smashed: big enough.
  13. lavaviper

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    Anyone here heard EdIT's Certified Air Raid Material album? Or Bassnectar's Underground Communication and Cozza Frenzy albums? All three have some fantastic Glitch Hop that isn't even remotely similar to the KOAN Sound and Tipper stuff.
  14. Almighty Alias

    Almighty Alias
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    I can't stand Moombahton at the moment. The only half decent tune I've heard was the one by delta heavy. Most all the moombahton I hear seems to be made by half ass produces or people that have only been producing for a year or two. Kind of like how dubstep was 5 years ago.... how everyone said dubstep is where washed up dnb producers go to die. Moombahton is were washed up dubstep & electro producers go to die. Lol

    Just talking shit because I'm bored, but there's some truth to that. I got a feeling moombahton could turn into a cool forum of music, but its gonna take some time and better producers getting into it.

    Like a moombahton tune by Koan Sound..... now I bet that would sound dope. Or maybe one by Feed Me.
  15. Amusiac Fxture

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  16. baadman

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    Idk I like both genres, most major differences have been covered but I agree that glitch hop is definitely the better of the two. I say they both are geared for the dance floor but moombahton caters more to the female audience and a wider audience overall which will end up making it more popular.
  17. Deadstareforlife

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    Glitch Hop...I assumed everyone was going on about stuff like Boom Bip :laughing:
  18. Tektonic Nursery Member

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    Would this not be Moombahton?

    It's sickkk :slayer:
  19. Rogue Trooper Giant Smurf

    Rogue Trooper
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    @Tektonic- no neither of those are moombahton. Even though the second one has some of the sounds that make moombahton so annoying, it's just bog standard house.

    I think moombahton is one of the most annoying genres of music ever, up there with jumpstyle, happy gabber and Dutch house. I was very disappointed when I found out Knick from Evol Intent was making moombahton. Bad move IMO.

    Glitch hop OTOH is awesome :slayer:
  20. Andydextruss Something

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    Both releasing on Skrillex's Owsla label.

    Can't really stand moombah (except KOAN Sound), quite like glitch hop. Both could be pretty cool though.

  21. majin Psyker

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    By Label I just meant genre tag, not a record label, sorry for the ambiguous choice of words :P

    I really wouldn't put KOAN Sound in the moombahton category, besides tempo, they've got nothing else in common with the style. Their stuff is like Neurofunk mixed with Hip-Hop, moombahton is like reggaeton mixed with house.
  22. SawFunk

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