Holy shit. I've just seen the best music video ever created.

Apr 21, 2012

  1. CunningLinguist Unimatrix Zero

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    Coked up Centaur, turning old people into cats, jacking of on teen girls, and slapping bitches. If this is a repost, tell me to fuck off.

  2. Carpet plush

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  3. Paul A. Magnet Dannyjel

    Paul A. Magnet
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  4. DJ_Redshift

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    uhhh, i think that's dancefloor dale. :confused:

    wait nvm, just read the blog lol.
  5. bwoy DoIavealicensetasaydis?

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  6. cool mr croc een bolleke alstublieft

    cool mr croc
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    thats almost grime, fuck sake i thought that had fucked off :cry:
  7. Risc_Terilia DarkLord of the Socialism

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    I have no opinion of the video since I could only stand the music for 8 seconds.
  8. Fizzik Bonafied Geezer

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    Fuck off

    But yeah repost. If you watch the video for Ned Flanders from them hoodlums, it leads on from this one, or something, i dunno, its related.
  9. turbo_kobra

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  10. thebeatbarbarian

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    videos cool, not feeling the music though, shit flow, hip hop does not need more raps about dick sizes and bitches on my dick, dicks in mouths etc.
  11. number7

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    Think this my favourite video of recent times
    NSFW I'd say (maybe not as bad the Tellier one though haha)
  12. luthatron \o/ Lord Wavey \o/

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    the tune is shit but the video is pretty amazing.
  13. -BassCunter- some words and stuff

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    yea I saw that posted on here a while ago. crazy and pretty cool, I quite like it. it's good to see hip hop music not full of clich├ęs
  14. GuyD

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    huge fan of all of the pimp smacking in these videos...keep them coming
  15. Bison

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    ban plz
  16. parsley

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    moar! thats great that is
  17. Fizzik Bonafied Geezer

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    Brilliant post. Great to see that you are upping your game from the standard "Fuck off" to "ban plz".

    Why don't you criticise me some more for my apparent "shit" posts, when all you seem to do nowadays on here is tell me to fuck off.