How do you create your sound effects

Sep 12, 2008

  1. x2k

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    When making a tune how do you go about creating your sound effects and atmospherics. What I mean is say you have a tune and it builds up to the break then when the break hits there's big explosion type sound then you have some airy atmopherics through the break and little noises going off. Mostly what I'm refering to are non-melodic sounds. How do you get create these sounds?

    Do you use samples from sample CD and films and stuff or do you craft them with synthesizers and effects? Personally I use synths and effects mostly, often using white noise, evelopes, modulation and effects like delays, phasers and loads of reverb. Generally I tend to prefer sculpting sounds rather than using samples but I also find alot of what I create sounds similar. Airy pads I find particularly hard to make them not sound like filtered & modulated white noise.

    So I guess I'm just asking people to share tips on making weird and wonderful noises. I think maybe part of my problem is I often create every thing in a track from scratch while doing the track rather than spending sessions building up samples/patch banks of noises and sounds, this causes me to rush a bit as I want to get on with the track.
  2. Dolphinski Glitch Ninja

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    I'm a sample whore so for stuff like that one thing i like to do is rip the AC3 file out of a DVD with some good atmospherics (scifi, fantasy and horror films are usually pretty good) and use the rear speaker channels to get some good clean samples. You can pick out some great sounds that just aren't usable by doing a normal stereo rip, because of the speaking and music coming from the centre and front speakers

    That's my tip of the day anyhoo.
  3. Diseva

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    and an awesome tip it is. :thumbup:
  4. Dolphinski Glitch Ninja

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    Should anyone want it, i can knock up a quick tutorial up over the weekend on ripping all 6 AC3 channels from a DVD vob file to mono wavs too.

    Another handy weapon in the armoury is using cubase's crossfade tool for morphing one sound into another, which works really well for atmospherics.

    Full of handy tips today, me.
  5. FunklorD STROBE:n:BASS

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    get very mashup (drugs are good for this)

    open a patch in massive you are having some trouble with.

    close your eyes
    and click randomly.. about 20-30 mouseclicks should do
    open your eyes
    adjust LFO 2 and 3 to make a pretty shape
    and envelope filter 1 to make a frowning face

    now trigger with your midi controller

    tweak to taste.

    i shit you not this method works.
  6. Lil-Criz Emoing Around

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    Just wanna try that one for the laughs
  7. FunklorD STROBE:n:BASS

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    you'd be amazed..

    i have one that was a wobble-bass that's turned into a really long, slow buildup-type sound (envelope tweaking):thumbup:

    plus it's fun
  8. Heretic911 Guest

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  9. Basha Downs Certified Asshole

    Basha Downs
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    I would much appreciate this tut, The only I record dvd is st8 from the player to my mixer....some expertise would help out!!!!!!
  10. nonseq

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  11. he said bonned

    he said
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    yes please, if it wouldnt be too much trouble sir.!
  12. x2k

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    Sounds good Dolphinski, I never realised the centre channel had the vocal cut. Would be good to know how to extra the audio if you got the time to explain it ;)
  13. Feeding Cone cuntsmasher

    Feeding Cone
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    Sound effects are where anything goes.

    You can get good sound effects by sending a reversed, time-stretched sample of a cat meowing through ten different effects with all parameters cranked to ten.

    IMO making sound effects is the best way to get to know tools because you will be self-indulgently applying them in ways much different than you would in other "practical" applications.

    Fun thing to do when you just want to fuck around.
  14. Dave Jolley

    Dave Jolley
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    Coffee. Sometimes Ganja.

    Open up metasynth. Load in some samples.

    resample like crazy.
  15. rjp

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    in FL I have a mixer channel set up with effects (ohmicide, maybe phaser etc, a delay and reverb) with an edison (FLs inhouse sampler) sat on the end, put stuff through with edison recording it, you can then edit and drag and drop bits out of edison onto the playlist, sampler/granular/slicer channels, fpc, or as an osc in sytrus :spliff:
    you can leave the fx all off to save cpu when not mangling

    other thing I do is use paulstretch

  16. aljar3d \(`_')/ Lurker

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    i almost never use SFX

    only thing i use is cymbals and reverse cymbals

    im too lazy to find for some, or make something from samples or scratch :blue:
  17. factory presets

    factory presets
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    For a change from white noise, I like to start off with something from my collection of weird noises I made with fruity loops beepmap. They are all several minutes long and change over time. Which makes them good for effecting in Kontact then using various starting points for a nice set of related sounds. Elogoxa's Sun Ra can make some useful noises for starting points as well. But I found trying to control a synth with photoshop somehow more satisfying.

    Another thing I used to use was a sample of white noise that had been timestretched repeatedly until it started to break up into pitched tones.

    Both methods are a lot of work, but you do end up with some unique samples to play with.
  18. beatmakinBoi S.E.B!

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    yeah Dolphinski that'd be great man. i've been wanting to know how to rip dvds properly.. or to get the most of the channels anyway.

    thats a few of us now, that calls for a tutorial huh

    cheers! :D
  19. stuntdouble7

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  20. Pyro

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    I'm all over fm synthesis for atmospherics these days, big sweeps especially. using 3 or 4 operators and adjust their envelopes so the modulations glide in and out of each other and you can get some great texture that becomes interresting with very little tweaking.
  21. x2k

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    Nice one factory presets, that time stretched white noise idea is certainly something I'm gonna have to try.

    Also I'm getting more into FM synthesis at the moment (finally starting to understand what can be done with it) although not really tried programming much atmospheric stuff so I think I'm gonna have a play with that tonight. Nice one for that Pyro!
  22. thermal

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    record a minute or so of realtime synth tweaking, sift through and pick the best bits. Add space.

    I love my nord modular for this, it has "morph groups" which let you sweep up to 25 parameters with one knob (range for each parameter is definable). And four morph groups per patch. Mind boggling :eek:

    I think the nord leads can do this as well