How to make the seismic bomb sound from Star Wars

Apr 23, 2012

  1. Lash

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    Hi guys,
    im after this sound for ages now. I tried to recreat it but without luck. I dont want to have a sample, if i would like to have one i would just sample the movie. I just want to know how to make this sound so i can use the technic to make a midrange sound. Just in case somebody dont know the sound ->
    Another interesting fact about this sound is that it is also used in an Britney Spears song called Stronger. It also sounds a little bit like the famous sound from War of the Worlds ->
    Maybe it is just a preset or from a sample cd?
  2. CunningLinguist Unimatrix Zero

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    Best explosion in the history of movies.

    It sound like a Whirling tube with massive reverb.

    One of these [​IMG]

    Steampipe from Reaktor could easily replicate that sound with it's acoustic modeling algorithm.
  3. luthatron \o/ Lord Wavey \o/

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    it sounds like a low brass note that's been messed with to me.

    same sort of noise as war of the worlds tripods, low resonant horn sort of noise.
  4. el-duderino

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    thought so too, like trombones (don't know about horns, just thought about trombones right away) being played as loud as possible, and somehow prolonging the transient part which has this high somewhat distorted-sounding attack (maybe looping a very short section or some kind of timestretch)
  5. turbo_kobra

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  6. soulve

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    sounds kinda metalicy like its been run through a comb filter / very small amount of delay.
  7. Kaegee drum & bias

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    I'd say a tuba or other enormous horn sample, pitched and reverb/delayed, maybe processed through a vocoder/autotune/granulizer to get a more robotic pitch. Listen to a tuba and you can hear the same prolonged, distorted transient quality, if I get what you mean. It's made all the more powerful by the explosion sample at the start of the sound, and then delay effects and stereo business to make it seem huge (space is vast). Maybe also used compression/limiting/distortion/saturation to make it more harsh and forceful.

    For a genuine space horn sample you'd want to go through NASA
  8. felun serial procrastinator

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    fog horn??
  9. kajiotaku BXBL

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    Didgeridoo or some kind of vibrator run along the inside edge of a pipe and pitched down.
  10. godwin24 NixusUk

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    I got pretty ok results with this, all in ableton:

    Load a kick into sampler

    Loop it so you get the right tone out of it and put a bit of release on the sound, little bit of stereo spread, static comb filter with medium resonance (i set the "cutoff" to the fundamental frequency of the sound) freeze that

    Enveloped the audio a bit more and put waves trueverb's "milleniumverb" preset with no dry or ER (so just reverb)

    It lacked a bit of bite at this point for me so I Eqd it back in and added a camelphat using the tube distortion and VERY subtle moving comb filter

    added RBass, Freeze that.

    Chopped the start point of the sample so it didnt have the predelay

    Layered white noise with BP filter sweeping downwards starting around 800hz and reverb on that

    Layered fx kick (one that sounds like an explosion but still has that oomph in the low end) lowpassed it gently to get rid of the kick like click at the top end and enveloped to emphasise the first 200-250ms to get the main punch at the start of the sound... could have found a better sample here tbh i just pulled one at random

    bussed them all and whacked an L1 on it :twothumbs:

    If i spent more time finding more suitable samples it would probably sound even more similar but this was only 15 mins or so of twiddling and im not really a post/film fx guy :teeth: the main tone of the sound is pretty much there at least
  11. Mindfox

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  12. Lash

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    Thx for all the infos, I will definatly try all of them. Grid at its finest :slayer: