if you could change one thing about the daw you use what would it be

Apr 10, 2012

  1. Jason Status

    Jason Status
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    This plus Cubase automation in general is awful, fiddly and annoying. Not sure what the alternatives are though.
  2. Risc_Terilia DarkLord of the Socialism

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    I'd like to be able to maximise the main arrange page on cubase.
  3. ossuss

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    one thing for me in Cubase (probably easily sorted) is when I open a midi part, I want the edit screen focussed on what I have clicked, not a greyed out section wherever I am in the song. Seems wierd to me that if I click a midi part it jumps to somewhere with no notes and nothing to edit???
  4. FlatFaced

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    ahaa, is the mapping formula the only possibility ?
  5. Audiologist

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    I wish logic had an option to hide certain notes on the piano roll by scale, so you can click a drop down and select a scale & root note etc and only have those keys available, been playing on the animoog for ipad which has it, so much quicker to write when your a bit of a theory retard like i am..

    although i'm not sure how that would work with a physical keyboard...
  6. kajiotaku BXBL

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    It's the only one I can find that's unique to each link and not to each automation clip. It works beautifully, it's just annoying to open up the calculator and enter these long-ass digits or open notepad++ to store the values to later paste in.
  7. dj0045

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    Hmmm. I actually like (even prefer tbh) the way cubase automates things... Weird. My only issue is I wish you could enter specific values into automation points. I waste a lot of time trying to get points to return to 0.

    I also wish it was possible to set a standard groove for the entire project (that copies to each channel) using the quantizer plugin. It's annoying to have to keep typing in the same settings to potentially 16 or more midi channels. I'd rather it automatically copy, but give me the option to edit channels individually if I want to. Or at least be copiable the way vsts are. Messing with that stuff is definitely bad for my workflow, as I'm usually forced to screw with it at the exact when I'm at my most creative, or in other words - when I least want to be screwing with technical crap.

    Also, I think they need to make the mixdown button in Cubase easier to find (it's like they are hiding it from new users or something). :teeth:
  8. FlatFaced

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    in Ableton is ez but when you try to reverse the automation is buggy sometimes...you have to choose between binoffset, signedbit, signedbit 2 so on...its quite confusing sometimes...and is not so flexible like formulas in fruity because there are only 3-4 things to choose from
  9. underspawn

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    I'd give FL an option to merge project files.
  10. FlatFaced

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    Since Jan 17, 2011
    ableton handles that in the most useful way...you can import any track/channel with the effects and midi/audio clips that were on it in whatever project you want with just a simple drag'n'drop...if you're talking about the same thing

    one thing that bothered me the most in FL was that there is no undo on some knobs like volume, pan etc.. on the pattern´s channel...did they improve that ?
  11. Mark C. Person of Music

    Mark C.
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    It would be pretty awesome if logic's 32 bit audio bridge actually fucking worked :laughing:
  12. texel Quadrant

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    Pretty much all the Ableton features people here have mentioned, plus I'd love to be able to nest track groups and route audio to sends from arbitrary points in the signal path of a channel.
  13. Pyro

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    Pretty sure max4live lets you do a lot of that. it def has the envelope follower/lfo tool thing, i'm just a bit scared to dive into it but should probably get it.

    i'd like more clip envelope lanes, while its clever that you can just click on the parameter and it's automatically selected it still gets a bit long switching back and forth if you're doing unlinked and intricate stuff. also let us record automation directly to clip envelopes already :mad:
  14. imPray

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    Since Dec 26, 2010
    Ableton needs better multicore support, instead of just having each track use a core. Most of my sounds are in audio effects racks with 3-4 different chains that I automate between, and it really fucks my cpu off because all of that is happening on one core when I have four.
  15. FlatFaced

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    Since Jan 17, 2011
    am doing it with reaktor´s ens AmpToCC(the env follower thing) and it really works for me...maybe there is some latency introduced when recording the automation but you could fix that easily...

    there are plenty of free LFO's out there as a VST...you only need midiyoke and rdy to go...its even not that buggy
  16. Pyro

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    man dont post stuff like that, live's generally poor technical makeup has me ready to switch. i have the exact same problem as you. i've got a few really cpu intensive chains i use on things like kickdrums, it's so important i can vibe off the sound as i'm tweaking it but that's fairly tricky when everything needs bouncing or i have to up the latency. not sure how i'd live without session view but i notice myself being very aware of alternatives lately.
  17. FlatFaced

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    Since Jan 17, 2011
    you can do that but you need an additional channel...just make an effect rack with 1 chain where you want that point to be and then make another channel and route it so it gets audio from that effect rack and then send that second channel to the returns...
  18. underspawn

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    nope, there's undo only on the playlist, knobs can only be reset ~~
  19. Risc_Terilia DarkLord of the Socialism

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    Hopefully bitwig will be better in this department.
  20. DLB .

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    cubases audio editing in logic would be all i want. Love logic midi and love cubases audio editing, just need osmetihng in the middle.
  21. akira

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    audio channel, better sound engine and vst support (wave plug ins) etc in reason. it was great for what it was and what i needed it for, for years (and still is as a simple way of getting ideas down quickly) would love to see it 'grow up' a bit now, only down to the fact that i now want the options of above but the idea of having to learn a new daw to do so bores the shit out of and intimidates me (i can make music without even thinking about the technical process in reason, writing a tune in the environment is about as natural as walking after 9 odd years using it, using a new daw would be frustrating in the same way as relearning to walk after an accident which isn't something i'd willingly put myself through!)
  22. ErotiCore SteNch

    ErotiCore SteNch
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    well theres quite some things i would love to be changed in FL studio

    64 bit

    "inspector panel"that gives quick access to a channels controls + effects

    user created macros
  23. joemaki

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    you can do and save your own macros plus you not useing the extended memory version so you can use 64 bit plugins
  24. ErotiCore SteNch

    ErotiCore SteNch
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    Since Oct 3, 2010
    so you can make your own macros in FL??

    i know you can use 64 bit plugs its just that the wrapper sucks monkey balls with 64 bit plugs
  25. texel Quadrant

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    Since Jan 14, 2003
    Ah clever... thanks!
  26. texel Quadrant

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    Since Jan 14, 2003
    Yeah... for envelopes/LFOs I've used LFOTool to pretty good effect. Nice thing about it is you can get it to trigger via note on, but routing it is a pain in the ASS. Would love to be able to modulate arbitrary parameters on synths/plugins using envelope generators or LFOs that were also aware of note on, and have that capability built in. Not a huge fan of envelope *followers* as such, I much prefer controlling exactly when they trigger.
  27. CunningLinguist Unimatrix Zero

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    I would allow it to accept RTAS plugins without the hardware. Those Shark DSP sound cards are superfluous and their processing power is small compared to modern PC hardware.

    Requiring a hardware component for a software synth is just another method to keep artificially inflate prices. RTAS is a joke but some of the best software synths exist only in that format.
  28. futilerecordings Misanthropic Anthropoid

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    All you have to do is route multiple parameters to the same controller, just make sure that "Remove Conflicts" is unchecked.
  29. Andydextruss Something

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    Since Feb 17, 2004
    Every time I've wanted to do that I've always thought I'd link each control (eg; Value 1, 2 and 3) to there own X or Y dial of an X-Y controller then adjusted the mins and maxes like that. Don't think I ever got round to trying it though. Also you'd have the acceleration control too so they'd have an attack setting.

    Not really sure if that's actually any easier/quicker/better though. I'm quite interested in how you're doing it, would you care to make a quick video of how you do it? Doesn't have to sound good really, I just want to see how you link things, what numbers you put into what etc.
  30. Deceptikon

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    Since Sep 22, 2001
    Ableton needs nested groups BAD imo. Also 16 macros on instrument rack.