I'm getting released

Mar 26, 2012

  1. PanLeft

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  2. fooczak

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    Since May 26, 2006
    Congrats, man! Keep up the good work :twothumbs:
  3. Diseva

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    Since Apr 28, 2003
    well done, liked a lot of your tunes in the past :twothumbs:
  4. polymass

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    Since Jan 15, 2011
    Congrats! Cool artwork and looks like a nice label. Nice deep tracks.
  5. Candleflame

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    Since May 7, 2011
    finally. is this version of Electrika newly mixed as well or just properly mastered?
  6. Racy Outbound

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  7. Cee-Jay

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    Nah congratulations. :twothumbs:
  8. inhibit cruk

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    Since Jan 8, 2011
    tracks are sounding awesome mate, nice work:tea:
  9. PanLeft

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    Since Apr 20, 2010
    Shit I wish I got to chose my artwork myself now!!:teef:

    Tunes have been mastered by the same guy who did the Scuba albums so hopefully they sound ok.

    I'm going to be giving away a few tracks in the next week or so. It's like ambient garage/dubstep what ever the fuck that is. Hopefully someone will like it :twothumbs:
  10. PanLeft

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    Since Apr 20, 2010
  11. Soulstice

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    what were you inside for?! :teeth:
  12. CunningLinguist Unimatrix Zero

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    It's always nice to see a fellow gridman getting released, Congratulations :slayer:
  13. Shodan23 Broken Promise

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    nice tunes... i just bought them from junodownload!
    and if you wouldn't have posted, i wouldn't have clicked the link in the newsletter :)
  14. turbo_kobra

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    Well done! It's always nice to see someone from here getting released. :tea:
  15. parsley

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    way to stick it to the board man :slayer:
  16. ry-teknology genera

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    Congrats for sure man!!

    Just curious, how did you go about getting released, did the label approach you or did you send a lot of demos around?

  17. brokenfunk

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    Since Dec 17, 2010
    Congratulations on your release, must feel awesome!
  18. PanLeft

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    Since Apr 20, 2010
    thanks man - good to know a few people other than my mates/family are going to hear it!:teef:
  19. PanLeft

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    Since Apr 20, 2010
    I had a couple of small labels ask me for one of the tracks but nothing that interesting - then I sent a mix to this label, who also run quite a successful blog, and they liked it. So just went with the flow.

    I'm not really making dubstep as much anymore so kind of just wanted to get them out there so I can concentrate on other things :twothumbs:

    Glad to rep the Grid! I got lot's of tips/tutorials etc from here over the last year or so!:twothumbs:
  20. ry-teknology genera

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    Since Jul 24, 2001
    That is awesome! so you sent them a mix cd with some of your tracks and other tracks that were not yours mixed all together?

    I need to get on that tip. Always wanted to be released but have never done anything about it. Also I think I aim too high sometimes, giving tracks to Claude Von Stroke etc as opposed to smaller more accessible labels.