Is 1984 actually a good book?

Apr 19, 2012

  1. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    I hear a lot of people quote the book and use it as a metaphor for today's "nanny states" and i am pretty sure a lot of them have not read the book. I have been thinking of reading it. Apart from all the hype. Is it actually a good read?
  2. obscure

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    Yes it's a really good read !! Orwell rocks :twothumbs:
  3. parsley

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    its brilliant. i know its meant to be the great dystopic book, but for me its all about the characters. i cant say much without revealing the story, but yep, its great
  4. djneurosis

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    My favourite book. How Orwell made such accurate predictions is :smashed:
    Something in there for everyone, imo. The ending is brilliant and breathtaking.

    Brave New World is a cool companion piece. They are kind of like, the social side and then the biological side of the dystopian concept.
  5. ChavXL Drinking the banner ads

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    I didnt enjoy it personally, the language was annoying and it weren't that compelling. Felt like I was reading something because other people said it was a classic.

    And I do enjoy books, honest.
  6. MegaJon

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    Yes read it, amazingly influential.
  7. parsley

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    except who wouldn't want to live in huxley's brave new world - free drugs & compulsory sex parties. Sign me up now please.
  8. fonik i pretend to be a dj from time to time

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    one of the best and one of my faves. definitely worth a read.
  9. djneurosis

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  10. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    Cool. I'll go grab it this evening so. I was afraid that it would be like other classics that are masterpieces but are really of their time and hard to read.
  11. paigalushus thought criminal

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    there are no flaws in character or plot but his writing style to some (like me) is a bit tedious. However, the plot will move you forward and what he has to say is spot on. if you read it, it's time well-invested
  12. CLAUDE601

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    One of my top five books and the film was pretty good as well
  13. rikardob Cultured.

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    The first time I read it was in 9th grade, and it changed the way I saw the world.
  14. neepheid Space Pirate

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    I enjoyed it as a novel, above the themes it explored.

    Some of his political essays are worth a read too, probably because he's an obessesively succinct writer.
  15. kinda funky Banned by DOA

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    Great book and film, very depressing would not read again
  16. Brecht Inaugural DOA Poker Tournament Champ

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    Great book, need to re-read as it's been probably 10 years.

    Brave New World has been mentioned (the film has Spock in it, lol), but Jack London (who wrote White Fang) also wrote a novel about a dystopian future, the first of the modern views on it call "The Iron Heel". That's fucking wicked too.

    Nineteen Eighty-Four was written in 1948 or 49 iirc, which is crazy when you read it, but The Iron Heel was written pre WW1 in 1908, the predictions of the technology use in the future then are simply insane.
  17. Fizzik Bonafied Geezer

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    Read it in high school. Always liked Animal Farm better though.

    Went in to a weird bit of my life were i looked at Animals differently, and i really hated pigs. Damn communist pigs. :mad:
  18. BleakReference

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    1984 is a classic and anyone who hasn't read it needs to sort themselves out.

    The ideas in it are incredible. Utterly groundbreaking. The propaganda, the atmosphere, the concepts, the execution, are amazing, utterly world class. That idea that our language dictates our thought, and therefore the true horror of a reduction of language, that stayed with me ever since I first read it, and I've read that book about 20 times.

    And because I've read it about 20 times, I can say this: the characters and writing and plot are all TERRIBLE. And I hate saying it because Orwell is one of my favourite writers and I've read a good 80% of his output, but it's true - 1984 is the most poorly-written of all his books, by some way. Martin Amis pointed out that on the FIRST PAGE Orwell refers to Big Brother's 'ruggedly handsome' good looks. Horrible! And Julia is barely a character, more a list of douchey qualities. The 'heart wrenching' scenes with his mother are heartbreaking when you're 14 but as an adult you just feel clumsy hands attempting to manipulate your heartstrings. Vile!

    So, is it a good book? It's flawed. Parts of it are unbelievable. Parts of it are unbelievably bad, though it's unlikely you'll notice them until your third or fourth go. And you forgive him for it, because, ***** the guy was dying when he wrote it.

    Besides, Orwell is one of the best writers in living memory and you need to read his shit. When you're done with 1984, be sure to check out 'Keep The Aspidistras Flying' or Coming up For Air or Down And Out, or shit, anything, particularly that guide he wrote to making tea. The man is incredible.
  19. Hardcore Phonography Hardcore Phonography

    Hardcore Phonography
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    Yes. I would also highly recommend reading the often overlooked earlier novel 'We' by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

    Orwell wrote Nineteen Eighty Four after he read a French translation of 'We' and wrote a review of it. Orwell is supposedly quoted as "saying that he was taking it as the model for his next novel."
  20. exp_cj

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    It's one of the most compelling books i've ever read. The construction of the scenario is geniously executed. It's got nothing to do with the nanny state though, it's got everything to do with totalitarianism for it's own sake and it will make you empathise with the plight of someone imprisoned in their own mind in a way you probably can't imagine.

    I think a lot of the people who completely fail to understand how we could get to an unacceptable position like that with social media and internet control would care a lot less about trying to explain how we can't get there and be much more concerned with making sure that we never ever do no matter what the price is. We need more of that attitude.

    If you haven't read 1984 do it immeadiately, in fact stop reading whatever you are reading.
  21. parsley

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    i read a martin amis book.

    never again.
  22. BleakReference

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    Yeah, I'm not a fan of his fiction, but he is right in this case. Clumsier than fuck.
  23. Carpet plush

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    Thanks for recommendation. Have just found it's freely available as a public domain ebook too:

  24. Arc

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    lol reminds me of this except he was being serious

    made me rage so hard i still remember it six years later


    both great books btw
  25. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    Òkay i'm definitely convinced. That's my next book. I was planning on hitting the girl with the dragon tattoo but that's just go the chop.
  26. hadees The Redeemer

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    More than just a book its a Warning. Scary thing is alot of it is now or about to be reality.
  27. hadees The Redeemer

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    There are pyramids buried under all of the royal parks in London.
  28. hadees The Redeemer

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    sorry wrong thread.
  29. DJ Mix Banned

    DJ Mix
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    he was describing the principles that governed the world around him, politically and socially... and still do today. only it got worse.

    you do realise that the thing about the pigs is their being capitalist in a communist coating? hence the ass (!) seeing the human's face on them :teeth:

    bollocks on the first half of your sentence. i mean where exactly do you draw the line between a "nanny state" and a totalitarian state?
    also bollocks on the second half. 1984 shows the very purpose of totalitarianism as a system of governance (not just "for it's own sake").

  30. neepheid Space Pirate

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    why are posters on here under the impression we live in Soviet Russia? :burn: