ITT we gripe about work

Feb 23, 2012

  1. paigalushus thought criminal

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    What's your cross you bear at work?

    Mine: in addition to computers slower than sloths than can barely manage 3 programs (with one website open), I work for a emotinally unstable, petulant "friend" ... didn't know she was crazy when I took the job :smashed:
  2. clart

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    having to develop a code using dynamic java collections instead of arrays because of limited memory on a clients system
  3. Sable retired

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    Some lazy fuck has been off work with "stress/depression" since the start of October last year. Very kindly posted pics on facebook of herself on holiday drinking champagne though. Thanks for that you workshy piece of dogcunt. :twothumbs:
  4. Risc_Terilia DarkLord of the Socialism

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    I had this but when she came back to work after years on the sick I was made redundant :laughing: b2b :mad:
  5. cool mr croc een bolleke alstublieft

    cool mr croc
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    i turned down a job in edinburgh i wanted as i was on a grad scheme in newcastle, i thought it would look bad to leave and my job was secure. turns out no it wasnt and im going to be made redundant soon. its boring as fuck though so i dont mind all too much.
  6. scart ridge

    scart ridge
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    our company owner solves problems by smiling and pretending everything is OK. the longer he does this, the more problems we have :smashed:
  7. HarryBallsLandscaping

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    Hitting rocks with my tree shovel. It takes one bad hit to sprain my wrist and I never know when it's going to happen. Days go by then suddenly wham. Rocks.
  8. AwesomeQ

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    anonymous email forwarded to the boss?
  9. SterlingStandard Official DOA Emberist #13

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  10. Sable retired

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    Someone printed it off and shoved a copy under the manager's door with "deal with this" written on it.
  11. Neurotoxin

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    It's a bit boring sometimes :mad:
  12. paigalushus thought criminal

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    wrist guards?
  13. Robbo Delicious

    Robbo Delicious
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    The toilet cubicles are too small and to shut the door you have to shuffle part way around the bowl. Sometimes my leg touches the bowl.
  14. exp_cj

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    And the moral of the story is... fuck other people over, even if it's rude, before they fuck you.
  15. exp_cj

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    the biggest gripe would be using the shittest system in the world, where in the software they develop running on the server they are contracted to support they can still just ignore a technical problem for years before they fix it and then say we should've told them sooner. Now the core of the system is being placed in the same teams hands, in tha past this worked because they weren;t allowed to change any of it, now they maintain it the whole system is going to go wrong in about 3 (completedly untested) releases time.

    Meanwhile the replacement system (being developed in house as a cloud based enquiry/posting system operating on multiple third party systems) is being managed by the communications manager, who after 6 months of work has only managed to get the BBC weather, news and sport onto the front page and not any actual functional or work related application in sight. That's what happens when a communication manager does something, it's like a dressing up party or a teddy bears tea party, everything is fun and wonderful, nothign is professional. All style no substance, like everything other outcome from a communications manager in history.

    Not her fault thgouh i guess it all started when the chief exec wanted to find out why people have difficulty using our shit systems and people moaned that they hadn;t been trained, or that they didn't use it because it didn't "feel" nice and rather than telling them to man the fuck up and realise that learning how to do your job is part of what you get paid for he started listening to any useless cunt who wasn't in IT or systems about how we should move forward developing our systems. I mean, here, as a multiple choice question, who would you assign to the role of project manager of developing a new system that does everything:

    1. Ths IT manager who managed the network for 15 years,
    2. The Systems manager who has untold MSCE/SQL project developent diplomas and courses and manages systems on a daily basis
    3. The communications manager who got a 2nd class degree in pubilc relations from east anglia university and basically spends all her time deciding on the exact wordnig of intranet updates and press releases which about 3 people will read.
  16. BleakReference

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  17. KG

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    Serves the stupid(lazy) cunt right.
  18. jmcee SB2大爷

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    The person who's been on long term sick for most of the time I remember just got a promotion to the management teams office :smashed: seriosuly wtf

    There's a pattern emerging with these british workplaces. is being a slacker the key to success here?
  19. Contayjen

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    I love my job.

    My biggest complaint at the moment is there isn't enough work to keep me busy and DOA doesn't really have any decent threads so I've had to start going on other boards. :sad:
  20. Robbo Delicious

    Robbo Delicious
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  21. Goodsound

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    I'm in no way condoning the behaviour, but if she has a drs note then there is piss all they can do. She can just claim it was part of her recovery. It's crap but thats the way it is. Some guy was doing it at my work, yet still going out on the piss with his manager every weekend. Tried to get rid of him, but wouldve been illegal.
  22. Worm Arsenal

    Worm Arsenal
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    My biggest gripe at the moment is that I've had to turn down another promotion, in order to finish my studies. The human resources officer recently paid for me to do extra studies, so the next two years of my life will involve me being a massive geek.

    Life will begin again at the end of 2013. :teef:
  23. a_5mith 35hz

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    I have two jobs. Biggest gripe of the one I have to leave the house to do is dealing with Poker Players when I deal shit cards. Absolutely no fault of my own. All I do is shuffle and deal, but you still get cunts that are like.

    "You're giving me shit cards tonight."
    "Shit dealer."
    "Shit flop dealer"
    "Come on, where was my Big Blind Special?"

    "FUCK OFF!"
  24. Russel Arnold :tea:

    Russel Arnold
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    goes both ways surely...when you keep on dealing monsters, they keep on giving you decent tips?
  25. a_5mith 35hz

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    I deal tournament Poker, no cash money on the tables. When I learn Cash Poker then we earn tips. but they're split between the entire Casino. Can't keep own tips.

  26. paigalushus thought criminal

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    Working 9 hours and the last two I've had nothing to do. I'd take a nap but one of the cable technicans locked himself out of his car and he's hanging around waiting for a ride :mad:

    The Baxter
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    I work for the US govt. plenty to gripe about.
  28. paigalushus thought criminal

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  29. KeM

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    Im in full time Uni, and work every Friday, Sat and Sun in the cities busiest bar. Its usually not too bad, I can balance uni and work pretty easily but my girlfriend and I just bought a house thats needed some pretty heavy work doing to it and over the past 3 weeks ive been sacking Uni off and trying to get as much done as I can at the house. Ive done jack shit Uni work and im back on monday with a 1 on 1 meeting with the head tutor about my attendance.

    None of this is that bad, Im just complaining cos I havent had a proper couple of days off in months, im skint and I know ive got fuckloads more to do.
  30. paigalushus thought criminal

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    Good luck man! :tea:

    me, I'm at hour ten of work (no dinner) with a supervisor who can barely be bothered to answer a phone call :smashed: