KOAN sound/Culprate Immaculate Bass?

May 1, 2011

  1. producedbyHANS

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    hey everyone

    ive been wanting to know about this bass sound for a while now, its like a reese/dubstep wobble hybrid that alot of the dubsaw recordings guys use:

    drop for both tracks is at 54 sec

    how does he get that bone shattering crunch? its so compact and punchy :melody:

    im still relatively new to distorted bass sounds, so ive been reading up alot and experimenting on my own, but would anyone have any tips to help me out?

    i read that tutorial by polymass about granular synthesizing basslines+resampling and i think thats about as close as ive been able to find. seems like these dubsaw guys use a lot of the same technique, layering sub+mid distorted reese+granulized sample.

    thanks for reading this, looking forward to any replies!


    hans from tokyo
  2. bloodrobots Hexakosioihexekontahexa

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    We have the technology to rebuild this bass, my people are working on it around the clock.
  3. prosthetic_jesus hobo-ninja

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    wait until you hear what Culprate has in store for us on our new Panzer Incus imprint (dark and heavy d&b)

    murder knows a new name

  4. Manny

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    i know you mr can give tips i mean have you heard your sig :eek:
  5. polymass

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    Dont stare yourself to death on the whole granular - frequency splitting thing.

    First you need a good source. Spend a weekend or 2 with your favourite synth (digi or hard). Read the manual. Tbh, sometimes a good fx xhain and bass synth patch is 90% of sound.

    Then use the techniques explained in all the tut's about resampling.

    People seem to think there's some secret sound to be achieved in resampling. It's merely bouncing audio for me. Audio can be manipulated while midi is less flexible in processing you can also automate portamento etc. Something that you loose in audio.

    Hope this helps.
  6. producedbyHANS

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    haha i see what you mean polymass. i think ill take your advice and go back to square one and just work on some reeses for now. thank you for your reply, it definitely helped clear some things up. i just recently hooked my internet back up so ive been a bit overzealous with gathering as much info as my brain can handle haha. thanks for your tutorials by the way, really awesome of you to do them.

    also, bloodrobots, not sure what the comment meant, but that track in your sig is beastly!
  7. Manny

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    ill tell you one thing ive heard, their favorite synth is malstrom in reason and thats all they really use for basses and they process in reason so yeah.... trust me im completely shocked as well. I know culprte says he uses squares a lot
  8. GRFN that some scooby snacks

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    reminicent of an electro bass (i love this style of sound). look up some electro tutorials?

    koan sound is KILLING it right now.

    as for malstrom, i love it. i find i can get cleaner sounding shit out of malstrom than thor 9x out of 10.
  9. Manny

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    I'm not that hood at maelstrom to begin with. :(
  10. lefumusic

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    I made this, you migh find it helpfull :) Posted it on their wall and they liked it! Well, atleast they pressed "Like" ;) Enjoy.

  11. Freddryer

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    lefumusic, are you swedish?? Checking out your tut and by the sound of your accent i assume you are.. Am i right?? Anyway, good tutorial!:twothumbs:
  12. FlatFaced

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  13. Julien Kenney

    Julien Kenney
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    Culprate uses a lowpass filter at around 100hz on the master channel to make sure the sub is clean and clear. Thats why his sub sounds completely removed from the rest of the mix.