kontakt ..how can i automate loop points and loop release?

Apr 23, 2010

  1. felun

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    is this possible? or are there any soft samplers that do this?

  2. L-SKT Cyber~Space Cadet

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    Since Mar 30, 2010
    if i remember correctly this is not possible in kontakt. the alternative would be to modulate the sample start and end points, however you would be limited to 1 loop area per instrument.
  3. loachm Krisenmanager

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    ...when set to sampler mode you can modulate the sample start, the loop start and the loop length (you'll find this in the mod section of the source module). Also one sample can have up to eight loops. These are the features that are technically available, but I don't know how the loop modulation works with various loops. It seems that it comes down to you experimenting a bit with these...
  4. polygon

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    you have to choose external source-midi cc as the modulator, then set them up to the desired controller numbers and use those.

    you can use an lfo or an envelope or something too.
  5. skrollan

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    if I get ir right it would be possible with FL Studios sampler
  6. L-SKT Cyber~Space Cadet

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    this may be the general way to modulate in kontakt, but it isn't that relevant. i'm fairly sure your only options are to modulate sample start, end, and loop length without recognition of multiple loops. furthermore, every version of kontakt i've used to date forces you to use external midi cc to modulate these specific parameters. modulation by lfo or envelope was only possible via scripting.

    i would love to be proven wrong on this, but i think that's just the way it is unfortunately.
  7. cyberluke

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