KRK Rokit 8s vs KRK Rokit 6s

Jan 12, 2012

  1. Cityskape

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    So I'm in the market for some new monitors (been producing on my Hifi speakers for tooo long!) and the word on the street seems to be that for my budget (up to £400), KRK Rokits are the shit. There's only £70 between the 6" and 8" models so was wondering if someone could tell me if there's any major difference. Also wondering if I should buy an external soundcard or anything as although they're active, I remember reading something on here about people getting much more out of their setup when not using the onboard soundcards (I'm running a 3.06 GHz i3 imac if thats relevant). Sorry for the N00bness of this question
  2. BANTAM chills

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    Hi, definitely go for an external soundcard as the quality is 10x better than onboard. Depending on whether you need external inputs, something like this is sufficient:

    As far as monitors go KRK are v.good for the money. The 8's will give you a lot more low end which for dnb is rather useful (as long as you don't have a tiny room)

    You will notice a vast improvement in sound if you upgraded to this or a similar setup!
  3. luthatron \o/ ♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭ \o/

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    good advice here.

    i've been told some of the fostex's in the same price range are good too - not heard them though.
  4. Cityskape

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    Cool! Cheers for the advice! :twothumbs: I think I'm gonna go for the 8"s now and save up for that audio card. If I wait, the £400 I have 'resting' in my account is gonna find a way to spend itself within the time it takes to save up another £120 lol
  5. ripsaw_22

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    Definitely go for the 8's if you can afford them.

    Most of my mates produce on Rokits atm, plus we have 2 pairs of the 6's and a pair of 8's in this house so I am more than familiar with the difference between them.

    They do have a certain 'scooped' sound to them in the midrange which can make things sound artificially enhanced, but they are good for the money.

    The extended low end of the 8's is more than worth the extra money, trust me.
  6. DLB .

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    I have just upgraded to a set of krk 8's. They sound great. Previous speakers had 5.5" cones and the difference to 8 makes a lot of difference in the lower freq.

    I have not had to drive them very hard to hear clarity on them either they work equally well at lower volumes.
  7. mind_killer

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    I need some monitors and have looked at these, may go for them.


  8. Cityskape

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    Cheers for the comments guys! Was having second thoughts after my bank cancelled the transaction (due to me usually being a tight/poor bastard and not buying expensive things, they thought someone had nicked my card), but now I'm just excited to play with my new toys.

    Should be here monday :slayer::slayer:
  9. MaxNZ

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    prob a bit late - but definately get the 8"s - i have a pair and they have so much more bottom end than the 6's
  10. Uncle Brett

    Uncle Brett
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    is there a big difference between the g1 and g2 r8's? found a pair of the first generations for $100, thinking about snagging them.