Krust - Future Unknown

Apr 13, 2012

  1. zeroec

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    wasnt so impressed with the Krust dubplate mix, so needed a remedy....

    this it loud !

    ...hard to believe there is no thread about this tune

  2. Code

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    Since Feb 13, 2003

    Always loved this one !

    First heard it in an Eniac set (he released some stuff on Reinforced in the 90's) ... same set I first heard "Aries Maze" by Paradox too :love:
  3. zeroec

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    Since Jan 30, 2002
    listened like 30 times to this tune yesterday and it sounds like crossing road works sounds with a visit to your dentist :teeth:

    and i mean that in a good way :laughing:
  4. Code

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    Since Feb 13, 2003

    Good description ! I love all the bleeps and whirring sounds + the way the bass morphs is just :smashed:
  5. zeroec

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    Since Jan 30, 2002
    how did he do that and why does anybody even get near this today ?
  6. Code

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    Since Feb 13, 2003

    I think alot of people could manipulate bass sounds like this, but as well as having that ability, Krust was able to incorporate the sounds into a sonic environment where everything lives and breathes. It's loop based music but all the elements have alot more freedom than you usually hear. Not many get close cos not many try !

    I guess I could say Krust was a part of the inspiration behind this tune of mine (but obviously it's not even in the same galaxy as his stuff!)

    ---> Code-Out Of Tune-128kbs.mp3
  7. DJ_Redshift

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    fucking dark. :slayer:
  8. rorymc

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    i think fracture and neptune defiantly take a few tips from that sound.
    got emu bass written all over it, gotta be some of the best classic emu basslines along with old dillinja, optical and most fracture and neptune bits.

    love my single sided 12" of this
  9. QU3ST fack orf naieee

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  10. noisemonkey Don't hold the beats back

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    Amazing track with loads of twists and tunes. I :love: the strings in there
  11. Riot999 ̴ͣ͑ỏ͆̽̽́̿͜u̔́tͭ͗͌́̀ ͒͛́ͤ̍

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    Yeah, most of his 'Soul In Motion' 9 minute epic period was great. Similar breaks and offcut sounds. 'Brief Encounters' is one my favourites. That tune has some gorgeous pads.
  12. zeroec

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    Since Jan 30, 2002
    i was talking about the tune, not the bass alone

    it appears to me, that all of his tunes from that era are basically mix and match...
    i mean, its just a collection of sounds that fit very well together
    thats a great achievement, he must have had a giant sample collection, which he knew inside out !

    cant hear that tbh, its sounds more like old Certificate 18 stuff to me, which is great also
  13. Code

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    Since Feb 13, 2003

    Yeah, obviously had a good ear for matching sounds of all kinds - his tunes were very organic in how they worked too which is something I loved about them.

    ... just the way the bass morphs in certain parts maybe reminded me of some Krust stuff, but yeah, overall maybe not very Krust. I'll take a comparison to Cert 18 any day though !!!