laptops for production - anyone use them? advice pls

Apr 8, 2012

  1. LowBrow How Now Brow Cow

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    I'm moving over to Spain next month, but would really like to carry on producing when I'm there. problem is getting my computer over there seems a bit of a nightmare. Does anyone use laptops for producing? I've always heard they will overheat too often and are unreliable, but would have thought modern technology might be more up to it nowadays.

    any recommendations if so? ideally don't wanna spend too much cash, but realise that may not be feasible. cheers
  2. Cee-Jay

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    2nd hand Macbook pro, anything after about 2009.
    Should be able to pick up a decent 1 for under £500.
    Will be some responses to this but pound for pound you wont find better.
    I use mine as my main machine and its rock solid, built to last and ive not had issues with overheating. My view is that some limitation is needed so a laptop can even be an advantage as you wont fill it with samples and stuff that you never use due to space limits.
  3. feezar

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    Im using some shitty dell laptop for all my producing atm.

    Put 8gb of ram in it and never had a problem.

    Only downside is USB ports or lack there of.
  4. SquirrelTamer

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    No, nobody uses a laptop for producing. Nobody.
  5. brokenfunk

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    It might be worth it to check out the new Acer Aspire models - they are cheap, got good specs (good for gaming too) and if you use your Windows properly it will prove to work well. Think about investing in USB audio card and cooling pad too.
  6. Jedison 1 posts

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    It depends. Do you need something to produce music with but also needs to double as a heater for your house?
  7. el-duderino

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    there was a thread some time back, which showed that acer laptops have high malfunctioning rates (like 23% malfunction within 3 years), asus and toshiba were the most reliable on the chart (in said thread) (i think under 16% malfunction within 3 years)

    don't know if these numbers are still right, but definately important to keep in mind...

    EDIT: link to thread:
    (and if you're bored there's a very entertaining mac vs. windows war in there too)
  8. Pseudonym1471

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    +1 for any Macbook Pro. Beg, borrow or steal. Well worth it.

    Unless you hate Apple :teeth:
  9. LowBrow How Now Brow Cow

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    cheers. I'm considering going for a macbook.

    What model? minimum specs needed to run progs like reason and ableton etc?

    I am clueless about macs, any help appreciated :tea:
  10. majin Psyker

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    I use a Dell XPS laptop when I'm not at home (bought it in September). I highly suggest getting a USB Audio Interface since the integrated sound cards aren't very good and a USB hub if you're planning on using external hard drives (and a USB mouse).
  11. brokenfunk

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    That is not far-fetched, Acer are a bit crap in terms of quality. But it doesn't cost much to maintain. I had mine giving blue screens, spilled beer over it and they fixed all of that for about 10 bucks. Plus brand new keyboard. Sometimes you get lucky. It cost me about 500£ to get it and it runs new games on good graphics. With the right tweaking it is a great machine. And let's face it - all brands have malfunction issues, often it is down to simple luck. Then again - the one product I have from the Apple brand broke down after 2 months, so.