Madonna at UMF: "How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?"

Mar 26, 2012

  1. Uncle Brett

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  2. Sable retired

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    Album called MDNA? Pretty sure she's after free advertising.
  3. Roachie Official DOA Emberist #3

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    20 years too late madge. Fuck off.

  4. MegaJon

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    I approve just because it wound up that deadmau5 cunt and made him look like a sopping wet fanny as usual

    DJ DAZE@djdaze 26 Mar 12
    @deadmau5 do you need to be reminded that you would be pointless if it wasn't for molly and ecstasy ?

    @djdaze i'd give up my entire career to remove the fucking rampant stupidity thats plagued my favorite type of music in an INSTANT.
  5. ewan_kerr

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    just another step in a career that's based on shock to get free advertising :rolleyes2
  6. paigalushus thought criminal

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    Thing is, Maddona has ALWAYS rode the trends to be relevant...that's truely her gift to the world
  7. mmmkay

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    couldn't give a toss what she says, deadmau5sr5 can do one too
  8. RS145

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    deadmau5 is such a wet blanket
  9. Russel Arnold :tea:

    Russel Arnold
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    a 59 yr old lady naming her album 'mdna' going on about molly, that has already been superseded.

    She needs to have a crack overdose and let lady gaga at least try to nearly shock people.

  10. CLAUDE601

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  11. junglist92 Dead browned off with DOA

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    It's hardly controversial really though? Deadmau5 is such a lame cunt. Dance music was built on ecstasy. He should learn his history and stop all this 'it's a bad example' bollocks. I want my kids to take ecstasy, if I ever have any. I've taken it for over 20 years and I'm fine (twitch twitch).

    I think MDNA is a great name for an album. A little play on words, an abbreviation of Madonna and a suggestion of what makes her 'Madonna'.

    Deadmau5 really can fuck off. REALLY FUCK OFF.

  12. Robbo Delicious

    Robbo Delicious
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    New life goal: take a couple of pills, break into deadmau5's house while he's watching television and annoy the hell out of him. I'd just lie on the floor laughing like a goon while he batters me with a lamp.
  13. turbo_kobra

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    deadmaus is right. madonna is a cunt.
  14. zeroec Superbad

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  15. Andydextruss Something

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    You're a fucking idiot. Being proud of taking illegal drugs is fucking dumb. By all means take them (it's your choice) but no one fucking cares, keep it quiet and don't let your choices affect other people. If you read his blog post he explains that drug culture (real or perceived) has slowed down dance music in America/Canada so it's understandable he reacted this way.

    Madonna said something dumb, her album name is dumb, Deadmau5 summed it up brilliantly and I'm glad he did because the drugs/dance music association needs to end.
  16. badcharacter I love Donuts too

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    If you're stupid enough to take a drug because Madonna named an album after it, which undoubtedly there are millions of people who would do just that, you deserve to fucking die.

    Actually, I think every pop artist should name their songs / albums over stuff like that. Maybe Korn can come out with an Album "eat a chainsaw" or Lady Gaga can put out a song that says "you're only cool if you drink gasoline."
  17. junglist92 Dead browned off with DOA

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    Why should I shut up about anything? I'm free to say what I want. I don't like ketamine, coke or even weed particularly, but for me there is a role for ecstasy in mine and many other people's lives.

    'Slowed dance music down?' Fuck off mate. That's as 'perceived' as you telling me it is dumb to take ecstasy.

    I'm pretty sure you're just trolling though. Got to be with that narrow, unencompassing view of the dance scene.

    I give you a thumbs down...

  18. MegaJon

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    oh piss off you big sap, go like daudmouse5s status on fb and send him a tweet about how you should do a collab

    Summed it up brilliantly?

    "It really hurts me to see rampant ADVOCATION of extreme bullshit lifestyles to a genre that spans pretty much any age gap these days ...

    I just feel like ive been kicked in the balls for a dollar. I’ve always been into electronic music, as far back as i can remember… and around the beginning, i really do remember the times the events i loved were pretty much outlawed by my city simply due to its speculated over-excessive drug use, and the media coverage that everyone loves to lap up around it. Yeah, that bummed me out… kinda made me feel like… how could something so damn interesting, artful, fun and just plain cool, be frowned upon by most….
    but look at us now, allthough not completely, and never like to be completely, the dark veil has been lifted slightly and the music and good times and technology is starting to shine through more and more than “the latest breaking news about such and such a drug found only at these underground TECHNO RAVES - Tonight on fox!”"

    As always his post reads like a stream of conciousness load of angsty bollocks. A man with an ego so huge he posts things like "only just realised I've got a G+ account, oh well still got a million friends lol" and then proceeds to make announcements as if he's the spokesman for everything dance music. Just read his tweets and any news article - he doesn't have a clue if he's criticising drug users or madonna or fox news. "Responsibility" my fucking arse hole.
  19. claw HULK

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  20. DJ_Redshift

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    Whatevs, she looks pretty skanky there (in a good way).

    I mean kinda lame to use a publicity stunt to promote an album. But on the other hand she looks pretty good. :victoria:
  21. neepheid Space Pirate

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    lol was also thinking of this:

    M-D-M-Amazing :laughing:
  22. neepheid Space Pirate

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    holy shit and how unfortunate is this now madonna needs a zimmer, man.

  23. Andydextruss Something

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    I never told you not to take it, quite the opposite in fact. You're an idiot for being proud of it and wanting to give it to your kids. Everyone banging on about it makes/made people think everyone into dance music was on it (well most were in the 90's), this meant that people who didn't understand it wanted to stop it (which is what I meant by slow it down, are you denying raves were closed down/stopped due to drugs?). I'm well aware of the history and how the 2 are intertwined and the fact it was largely drugs that created the scene in the first place but it needs to stop. There is no need for the association any more, I believe (though it's purely a guess) that the majority of listeners don't take drugs any more and that is a good thing.

    By all means take drugs, just don't bang on about it like it's anything other than taking some drugs. I don't like most of Deadmau5's music, he probably is a bit of a cunt and I doubt he has much of a clue about the real world but his point about being responsible (whether he takes his own advice or not is irrelevant) when in the public eye is bang on as is the need to disassociate dance music and drugs. His other posts are also irrelevant to this.
  24. blaze dis one Registered Loser

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    :script: + :script:
  25. jollycakes Reformed Troll

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    Madonna is an android sent from the future to cheapen and degrade us.

    She hooked us in with truly quality tunes in the 80s and now just morphs like The Thing. Never really aging. Biting chunks out of everyone's style and ruining what was left of gagas originality, all whilst snatching kids from across the globe.
  26. DJ_Redshift

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    blah blah blah, yeah she does musics and stuff. :teef:
  27. Sean Alert Oblivion Fringe

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  28. Wozowski When I say 'el' you say 'boh'.

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    Fuck Deadmau5.

    If people weren't on drugs he'd be sitting in his bedroom with a stupid ball on his head right now. The only reason is is famous and makes money is because people take drugs and dance to his music.

    I couldn't listen to his stuff straight to be honest. :burn:
  29. pdognz

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    Boo fucking hoo @ Deadmau5 but it is a bit pathetic, some lady as old as my mum making wink wink nudge nudge drug references to appear cool to the youngins.
  30. feezar

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    The idea of a 53 year old woman who thinks she is 20 gurning is a scarey thought.