Martyn Production at the moment

Jul 16, 2008

  1. burnzbaby

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    I cant get enough of his production at the moment. Been buying on sight anything he's released over the last 6 months or so. I'm obviously talking about his dubstep/techno stuff. He's definitely got his own sound. His 3024 releases, the Applepips 12, Remixes for shut & dance, Black Pocket(Steve Spacek) and Flying Lotus. The Guy can do no wrong at the mo

    Here's his and TRG's Mix taken from Mary Ann Hobbs Latest Show. Sick tunes

    Exclusive Mix - Martyn

    Can - Future days (Carl Craig Blade Runner mix) (white label)
    Martyn - Vancouver (3024)
    Martyn - Hear me (3024)
    2562 - Old Town (unreleased)
    Pangaea - Router (unreleased)
    Martyn - Twenty four (3024)
    Flying Lotus - Roberta Flack (Martyn's heart beat mix) (Warp)
    Martyn - Vancouver (2562 off dub) (3024)
    Martyn - Natural selection (acapella) (3024)
    Martyn - Natural selection (Flying Lotus conference clense mix) (3024)

    Exclusive Mix - TRG

    TRG - The Flex (Radio 1 exclusive)
    TRG - Ghetto Romance (Subway)
    TRG – 2084 (aka Please) (dub)
    TRG - On Tour (dub)
    DLX - Matter Of Fact (Breakage Relatively Speaking Remix)
    Tayo - Marh of the Soundbwoyz (TRG Remix) (Cool & Deadly)
    TRG - Everything We Stand For (Cool & Deadly)
    TRG - Surreal (5AM Mix)
    TRG - They Know (Berlin Wall VIP)
    TRG - Put You Down (Dirty Sonix Remix)
  2. jrj2020 Really Senior Member

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    Hell yes, so many amazing Martyn tunes out at the moment!

    Suburbia, Vancouver, Epileptic Rmx, Broken Heart Rmx, Natural Selection...
  3. deejaysee 11 On The Dial

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    Amazing producer
  4. farzer

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    love epileptic and vancouver. :love:
  5. Tronaldo 21st century Soul:jah

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    i still cant handle the lack of d/b.... i remember when he guested on flight's 1xtra show..... so many bad heavy heavy deep tunes

    and now ...........

    come on martyn war gwarn !

    next to you

    anyway whats up with flights label... where's apple fingers where's shk
  6. Mr. Frodo

    Mr. Frodo
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    Man can do no wrong basically.
  7. DJ Stunna In The Greenroom.....

    DJ Stunna
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    one of his older tracks 'baby baby' is coming soon on the crunch v/a lp.. watch out for that

  8. shdw Custom User Text

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    yeah needs more martyn dnb stuff!

    i played wonder why for almost year pretty much everywhere :slayer:
  9. Utopian

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    Listen to his remix of 'You're a Star'.

    Also, All I Have Is Memories is lovely.
  10. Contraband

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    his dubstep is easily some of the best out there
  11. Tronaldo 21st century Soul:jah

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    i did a mix earlier this year and pulled that back out

    still think of that night at swerve when i first heard this.... WOW:eek: :slayer: :puke:
  12. D4TA Original

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    Amazing producer, has vision. Maximum props.
  13. dave

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    man can do no wrong :slayer:
  14. Ewok

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    Now we just need an LP from the man. Think he would make a pretty good divers LP since he listens and plays all over the board of good dance music.

    Agree on wanting to see some more dnb from him but only if he wants to make dnb.

    Also love him as a DJ.

    big up the Martyn and keep em coming :biggrin:
  15. burnzbaby

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    Mary Ann Hobbs Mentions He's working on an album on the mix
    cant wait to see the results of that:thumbup:
  16. messsingh

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    Loving his Dubstep output at the moment!

    I wish he would make some more DnB aswell

  17. srix Wandering Star

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    ysssssssssss! :slay2:
  18. monkey man

    monkey man
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    Is it just me or does the stereo on this recording sound fucked?

  19. runningman

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    This beat is too much!
  20. Amen Brother _________________

    Amen Brother
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    amazing producer! nice one for posting the mixes
  21. srix Wandering Star

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  22. IChiOne Mad hermit

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    would be great for d&b!

    love all his musical output, a gifted producer he is
  23. Tronaldo 21st century Soul:jah

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    blimey that flyling lotus remix is deep;

    i have to say i didnt realise DUBSTEP ? was this good ?:love: :love: :love: :love:
  24. bsT

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    hells yes, downloaded that mix (trg vs. martyn) a week or two ago, and he's been able to take so many elements of music i love and mash them all together perfectly - i can hear all sorts of influences in his music and am loving the detroit sound dub-stepped/stepped out properly :D

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    I doubt you will here any more dnb from him , but on the other hand he left behind a very solid back catalogue and didn't start making shite before he moved on to other sounds .
  26. Tronaldo 21st century Soul:jah

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    i might get shot for this, but isn't some of that stuff just good house mucis, yeah i can hear a massive lean towards detroit also..

    and when i mean house...... house used to cover loads of bases....

    i'll still get shot down though !
  27. Dave Roberts Amen Bizness Seen'

    Dave Roberts
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    Cheers for that

    Anyone into 2562? Loving his sound too :smoke:

    edit: the commentary at the start :laughing: she sounds so high its unreal :slayer:
  28. burnzbaby

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    Yeah i've got a couple of 12's love the minimal production and the ridiculous subs. I haven't check his album Ariel yet
  29. TIMMY_MALLET Banned by DOA

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    yeah a lot of it sounds like House and Techno to me too, who cares what it is though, just top quality music!!
  30. phat_wax

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    he is a badman, standard :thumbup: