Movies everyone should see

Apr 9, 2012

  1. paigalushus thought criminal

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    those awesome movies that are life changing (and hopefully great fun)

    Here are my picks:

    (but not the American's shite)
  2. Sable retired

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    Clue. CLUE!!!!!

  3. Absolutely SUPER Banned by DOA

    Absolutely SUPER
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    Excellent choices! Especially you Sable!
  4. GreenFrog

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    human traffic is so cringeworthy if you watch it now, that scene when they start singing in the pub :whitey:
  5. kinda funky Banned by DOA

    kinda funky
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    Human traffic is great, the itchy trigga finger n*****s lol

  6. -BassCunter- some words and stuff

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    lol it is really. fun film but it does make me cringe a bit.
  7. Konstant Old Member

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    Madeline Kahn rules that movie
  8. paigalushus thought criminal

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    I can never fault a movie for a musical interlude esp one so earnest though I so prefer the "That's paranoia" tune better :twothumbs:

    I see I has some movies to watch :tea:
  9. -BassCunter- some words and stuff

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    I know a few people that refer to it as being an amazing film... but I think its more that it was one of the few films they saw which tapped into dance music culture so it carried some sentimental relevance. it wasn't life changing for me, I saw it as a film which was trying a bit too hard to make dance music seem cool and by the point it had come out I had already had my life changed by clubbing and raves earlier on in my youth. I suppose people may have seen this film and kevin and perry go large? and discovered dance music and culture so yea I can see how it could change someones life...

    but you are right ,it is fun. it wasn't supposed to be a serious reflection or biopic on any music scene.
  10. Bigfoot

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    the george orwell films are good.

    animal farm

    nineteen eighty phwoaar
  11. mad1

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  12. Junglepuss Unregistered User

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    Josee, the tiger and the fish (Could not find one with subtitles. A touching love story)

  13. paigalushus thought criminal

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    Yeah, I don't know that it induces HEAVY change or reflection but yet, they have its fun insights (satan = business, yoda:inner space::darth vader:outer space) that i think anyone can and should appreciate

    Junglepuss we have similar tastes in movies!! Will definitely have to check out Josee, the tiger and the fish as so few people commend Asian films

    I will add one of my fav Chinese flicks

  14. Carpet plush

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    Movies everyone "should" see?

    Hmmm then should probably be a list of really difficult contemplative works that test your patience but expand your mind in some way, perhaps offering philosophical facts, lessons if you will, and translating it with such accuracy that it becomes ingrained on the viewer's mind.

    Also maybe movies that chart the evolution of film-making itself, those featuring new techniques, pioneering advancements and cultural benchmarks that are then copied and used in so many other films and television and even non-video media to such a degree that they establish themselves as part of the language of film-makers.

    Obviously what we really need in this thread are movies that have combined all these attributes, and turned themselves into something that can be called nothing other than art...

    I can think of one film that does this...
  15. ocelot put stazi

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    Dead Man Walking. I think both Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon act incredibly in it, and it's the only film that gets me emotional every time I watch it. I don't want to post the trailer because it's shit, gives completely the wrong air about the film.
  16. Robbo Delicious

    Robbo Delicious
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    In which Mo'Nique laments the difficulty facing a disgustingly obese woman in finding nice clothes and a good man. Of course, Mo'Nique herself ends up with a muscular African stud. No fatties for her.


    He's a Nigerian doctor.
  17. pijin :teeth: alwayse

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    i watched spirited away and howls moving castle back to back on my own when i got them for my kids and caught the end of one them.....much more than kids films and even better when youre off your tits.
  18. dagnabbit

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    Nuts In May
  19. CunningLinguist Unimatrix Zero

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    The music box starring Laurel and hardy - 1932. It has a wonderful rendition of Shine On, Harvest Moon sung by MR. Oliver Hardy. Oliver was going to be a singer before he got a chance to be in films. Probably the best slapstick comedy ever made.

  20. techskunk Banned by DOA

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  21. jollycakes Reformed Troll

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    24 Hour Party People
  22. CunningLinguist Unimatrix Zero

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    If you like bad, depressing french films, you should watch L'autre monde (Black Heaven)

    It's about meeting suicidal people in MMORPG's. Mystery, suspense, weird french film twists - it has it all.
  23. KellyAnn

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    the three burials of melquiades estrada
  24. Bside06

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    The Godfather
    Pulp Fiction
    Fight Club

    These are the kind of movies where you'd have to live under a rock to not see them.

    Also, just saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and it was kickin' ass.
  25. Wozowski When I say 'el' you say 'boh'.

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    This is an oldie but a goodie. You know that person you knew when you were growing up that you used to get smashed with, and then real life came a knocking and you moved on leaving them to their fate of getting mashed alone. Well this is the story of that person.

  26. dagnabbit

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    never even heard of tombstone lol. not seen fight club either. agree with pulp fiction though, masterpiece

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  28. GreenFrog

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    Start watching at 6:22



  29. Tomlinwellsly

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    2001 a space odyssey


    Seriously is there a film with a beginning and an end as good as this?

    spirited away

    belleville rendezvous


    o brother where art thou



    crouching tiger hidden dragon
    seven samurai
    evil dead
    old zombie films where the zombies are slow vs new ones where they're fast
    the shining

    poltergeist (the henry kane "let me in" scene is great horror without any gay cgi but seems the actual scene is no longer on youtube)


    wayne's world
    bladerunner (such a beautiful film)
    monty python (holy grail, the rest are shit)
    the good the bad and the ugly

    uncle boonmee who can recall his past lives



    mulholland drive
    blue velvet
    total recall (and any more obscure, lower budget, older space films... there was a good thread on here quite recently)
    el topo
    the piano teacher
    they live

    Can't really think of more right now without naming all the usual shit that everyone should see at least once.

    Oh and I saw Dancer in the Dark recently, the Bjork film. It was brutally depressing. This is the final scene so maybe don't watch if you're thinking of seeing it.

  30. Deadstareforlife

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