My opinions on FL Studio 9 vs Ableton Live 8 for music production

Nov 21, 2009

  1. kwikshot Takaci

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    I know this question has most probably been asked so many times on here but it is still a completely relevant question: "What is a better DAW? Live or FL Studio" well this question is completely useless, you should be asking "Which is a better DAW for me? Live or FL Studio" Well I will try and tell you which one I think is better for different things, first I warn you THERE IS NO CLEAR ANSWER at all to this question.

    BTW: I am using BOTH FL Studio and Ableton as my DAWs

    Bundled VSTs and instruments
    There's no kidding here, the bundled VSTs of both DAWs are completely crap. The basic package of Ableton Live comes with NO bundled instruments, only a sampler and a drum machine, but the full versions of Live come with an okay range of instruments and synths, but they're only really suitable for basic sounds with not many layers. The same is true of FL Studio, tools on FL Studio like Osc3x and TS303 bassline synth are good if you wanna save a few CPU cycles or try out a simple bassline but they aren't really suitable at all. One exception is FL Studio's Autogun, as this includes 4 billion presets of soft synth bliss in a simple interface, also the demo VSTs that are included with FL are of amazing quality (especially Toxic Biohazard) On Live there is a much stronger instrument package containing all kinds of different high quality samples for different purposes and instruments, there is nothing like this included in FL...but I would stick with NI's Massive and FM8

    Recording audio and MIDI
    Sure enough it's easier to record and import audio into Live than into FL, although in FL studio there is a much more powerful mixer and it is much easier to edit MIDI than in Live.

    The real difference between Live and FL studio though is the difference in the genre of music you want to play, Live is alot better for things containing alot of acoustic instruments in my opinion and FL studio is obviously aimed at people wanting to use synths and electronic music, so FL studio is probably slightly more attuned to synth heavy DNB than Live is.

    The real way to decide though, is to download trial versions of both, and play around with them for a full 30 days (or whatever the duration is) and see which one you get on with better.
  2. Pyro

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    there's a big problem with your comparison. it all just comes out as conclusions you've made for yourself without giving any insight into how you got there. why are the live instruments only good for basic sounds with no layering (nonsense btw)? what makes the fl mixer more powerful? without this sort of information we might as well skip straight to your last conclusion. try em out for ourselves.
  3. Deception_UK

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    I would say it's just down to personal preference. Different DAWs - different workflow, just depends what suits you.


    Edit: More powerful mixer? :confused:
  4. crypsis a.k.a. Deadcode

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    The mixer in FL is VERY flexible. Routing anything to anything else is incredibly simple. Can't comment on Abletons mixer.

    @OP: you missed out Sytrus in your assessment of FL's synths, why? It's a rude FM synthesizer with tons of power under the hood and options coming out its arse.
  5. Deception_UK

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    I've never had trouble routing in Abletons mixer to be fair, like I said, down to personal preference.

  6. Mindf21311 Resident Pranksta

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    I just want the Fruityloop and Ableton to have sex already.
  7. Jedison 1 posts

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    Is this like a rough draft for a magazine ad or something?
  8. thetaco

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    I agree, though I must say Abletons routing is a bit more :love: imo anyway.
  9. kwikshot Takaci

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    No why? =S
  10. miguko

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    Lots of words. No real value to anyone.

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    er... I usually don't use the bundled VST's - I have a library of favorites I use - and I don't record audio or midi. Those are strange areas to limit yourself to for a comprehensive DAW comparison. :thumbdown
  12. kwikshot Takaci

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    Sorry I was just sharing my experiences with the certain things I have the most experience of in both :cry:
  13. reccej

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    You forgot to mention exactly how shit modulation is in FL.
  14. Q-Brick Read Only

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    I have to disagree with you,
    3xOsc is a very good synth to make reece's and subbass.

    And Sytrus is awsum too, but i guess u dont know about them instruments and synthesis, couz if u'd understand how they work, u would no talk about em like that.

    U rly need to get to know the tools you already have and not search for some other stuff only bcoz someone on the forum sayd its better.:pimp:
  15. selig

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    What's so shit about it? :confused:
  16. feisar 2001 or STFU

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    There is also no automatic plugin delay compensation in FL Studio... this is more than painful...

    FL Studio is pattern based, which is a huge plus for programming drums and breaks...

    On a sidenote:

    Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit ridiculous to abuse a 27 year old protocol (MIDI) for most of the tasks in modern DAWs?

    Plugins like Battery or Kontakt rely on different notes being played to trigger their samples... isn't this just a really stupid but sadly ingrained workaround?
  17. robbierabbit

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    Am I the only one who thinks it's a bit ridiculous to abuse century old protocols for most of the tasks in modern plumbing? :teeth:
  18. crypsis a.k.a. Deadcode

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    It does seem a bit odd that it hasn't developed beyond the original methods, unlike every other aspect of music technology.

    What is there that's better though?
  19. luciphercolors gets hammered & sickled

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    I really like how Cubase's Beat Machine plugin integrates with Groove One... way smoother than piano roll + Battery. Without setting up complicated MIDI crap I wish there was a way to use FL's pattern sequencer (not piano roll) with Battery.

    Also with you could set velocity based on where you click. That is a bad ass feature in Beat Machine :-D


    Sytrus IS a bad ass synth, but it needs to be updated. Most notably, LFO is missing a phase knob. I don't know a damn thing about FM synthesis (its on my "to learn" list) but the best presets in Sytrus use a lot of FM. You can coax some nice sounds out of it, and a lot of times its easier to get more character out of a patch than Massive. Also the envolope editors are dope

    3xOSC is a TOOL. It's a decent synth if you use all the channel tabs, but I always felt it designed so that you could use it as the "oscillator" section of a modular synth you build in the effects rack :-)
  20. crypsis a.k.a. Deadcode

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    That's a fair way of looking at it. FL studio can have a very modular way of working if you approach it right.

    I pretty much only use the built in stuff, apart from EQ, compression and a couple of reverbs which I have 3rd party alternatives (though I sometimes use the built in ones still)