New Only Studio Acapella Blog

Mar 8, 2012

  1. JoshuaCasper

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    Since Feb 10, 2012
    Do to the overwhelming pit of s*** DIY acapellas I have decided to start a blog which will only feature high quality studio acapellas. I have at least a couple hundred to post, so be patient! Every post will be posted by me, so if you like the quality of one download you can bet the rest will be of the same quality. You guys can check it out here:

    I would appreciate submission to post high quality acapellas and/or remixes using acapellas from the blog. If a submission is hot, I will post it with links to your sites! Hit me up!!

    Also, check out my other blog for ableton live tutorials, free instruments, free fx racks, free samples, and other music related stuff!!

    Joshua Casper
  2. Deadstareforlife

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    Since May 28, 2008
    full support. so many awful quality acapellas about.
  3. techskunk Banned by DOA

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    Since May 5, 2011
    thank you man remixes are the most fun thing to do IMO. going to check it out and submit the ones I have.
  4. tommerry11

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    Since Sep 23, 2011
    What quality are you after? Ive got a bunch of muse accapellas (studio, but some have additional instruments). in the 320 - 256 region, full spek.

    Id be happy to contribute, remixing all the way :D (lol remixed rolling in the deep without hearing the original once).
  5. techskunk Banned by DOA

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    Since May 5, 2011
    Age: 15
  6. tommerry11

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    Since Sep 23, 2011
    your point? what does age matter?


    well ok, fine, I didn't experience the jungle age of dnb, I've never been to a concert apart from art vs science, I like pendulum, and i bedroom produce.

    btw, sweet sig tunes.
  7. dj0045

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    Since Sep 2, 2007
    Fucking ACE! Sent this to a few peeps I know.
  8. skrollan

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    Since Aug 19, 2008
    i like the blog and the quality, but i am not too fancy about the track selection: david guetta and eminem?

    what about some ODB or Biggie pellas, that would be nice.

    anyway keep up the good work!
  9. Soulstice

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    Since Jan 18, 2010
    Most of the acapellas in circulation are crap commercial music that no one wants to remix. Quality of sound is no good if the quality of song it came from is utter shite.

    I have thousands of acapella that I have collected over long time. Some from vinyl, and some from CD/studio. Sometimes acapellas are only available on DJ only promos that are limited too, so are even harder to obtain.

    I've spent a lot of time and money on what I have, not all purchased but definitely a labour of love. I might be up for doing some trading if anyone is interested? Just PM me if you have a proposition (not sexual!)! :fabio:
  10. speziale explorer

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    Since Aug 12, 2003
    blog not found...copyright anyone?

    Soulstice - not that I have much that I can think of to trade but what kind of things do you have? sounds tantalising...
  11. jbootybizness

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    Since Mar 15, 2012
    Ah, sad. It was taken down. Unsurprising I guess.

    Most of these were the unpolished vocals.. like, one of the takes the artist must have done. They often weren't the version from the released track. Which was interesting.
  12. Soulstice

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    Since Jan 18, 2010

    I've taken out all the shit unuseable acapellas, and only keep ones that have something useable in them. I mainly use them for DnB, and I hate cheesy music, so only use vocals that do not reek of cheese!

    Basically, if it exists as an acapella and is worth having then I probably have it.
  13. DrinkFromTheStink

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    Since Feb 20, 2011
    Blog has been removed. :skosh:=/
  14. JoshuaCasper

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    Since Feb 10, 2012
    i had about 50 acapellas posted by the time google made me take it down... lots of DMCA complaints... if you have any specific requests i might be able to help out
  15. brokenfunk

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    Since Dec 17, 2010
    Perhaps someone could upload some kind of a pack (with who knows what inside of it), I bet a hell of a lot of people would be extremely grateful if such a pack existed.

    P.S. I've got a few GB of random acapellas myself, but can hardly ever use them in a straight-up way, most of them aren't what I'm looking for. So I suppose if anyone has requests - you might get lucky, try.

    I'd like to give it a shot myself - has anyone got any trip-hoppy acapellas? The kind of Archive, Portishead, Tricky (any of the girls that has done vocals in his tracks)? Hell, I'll even take Stars.
  16. coolboots aka marley t

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    Since Jul 12, 2006
    can some re up this please :

    Puff Daddy - All About the Benjamins Ft. Lil' Kim, The Lox, The Notorious B.I.G. (Acapella)
  17. JoshuaCasper

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    Since Feb 10, 2012
    whats your email... i have that!
  18. legezer

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    Since Mar 20, 2012
    I can't believe how quickly that got shut down! I have PM'ed a couple of you cos i am gagging to get the Candi Staton Acapella for a track I've got on the go at the mo:tea:
  19. joemaki

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    Since May 15, 2010
    agh its been closed down i was gonna up the plan b ill mannors remix kit to it
  20. satboy Banned by DOA

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    Since Mar 10, 2012
    i would like some aaliyah acapellas perhaps? i really dig her voice and it's really sad she passed away before she could realize her plan of "singing about intelligent stuff"... maybe i/we can help her :ana:
  21. brokenfunk

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    Since Dec 17, 2010


    If you want any of those - give e-mail.
  22. ThreeOne noob4life

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    Since Jul 7, 2008
    I'm curious, how do you guys match beats with your acapella?

    just using taptempo to find the bpm and then just trial and error?

    and how about the key and scale (in r&b for example)? and key changes?
  23. brokenfunk

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    Since Dec 17, 2010
    Well, I found that cutting as much as possible helps a lot. Slapping 2 minutes of vocals as a whole audio sample will probably never work out well, so you might as well have more control over it by chopping it to bits. About the key changes - I've heard legends about this Melodyne plugin, though I haven't actually started using it yet (I do plan to learn it at some point).

    I found Reaper to be the easiest-to-use-DAW for handling vocals, especially because of the smooth stretching abilities of the program. If you are not too extreme about it, you could stretch down and still get a natural sound of the voice you're working with. Ableton has warping, which I've already started liking despite of the negative impressions I had before. The whole idea is to be precise about how you manipulate vocals as much as possible.
  24. coolboots aka marley t

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    Since Jul 12, 2006
    do you ave a link to this