new tuneage.. not dnb

Feb 23, 2012

  1. techskunk Banned by DOA

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    some random chill out breakbeat tune...

    I've been working on this a few days then today completely changed everything and composed it after tweaks in a few hours...

    this is the first thing I finished after not being able to do anything for weeks after I've been doing it non stop in January like I was possessed by a music production demon:thumbdown

    any feedback is good really possibly do more stuff to it etc. maybe change the composition a bit ... add a new break n stuff , we'll see...
  2. ROKONE Rum ###

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    wtf, you have really upped your game since i last heard one of your tunes! i'm only listening to it on mbp speakers but the mix sounds clear and balanced. really like this one, melody and drums are good. nice and musical and i like the vibe.
  3. La Yinn

    La Yinn
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    In a nutshell, pretty much. It has a bit of a 'rainy afternoon, slantering on the sidewalk' sort of feel to it imo.. really liked it. :tea:
  4. techskunk Banned by DOA

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    Hey I've tried to do another massive edit to this and it just became shit.. I've decided to stick with the original version... I just couldn't improve it.

    I changed that saw

    La Yinn changed that saw

    only thing I really did.... spent 3 hours editing it but it was just worse? lol weird.

    here's the new version with teh saw replace with a crush bass

    thanks for checking it