[Organic] We talk to Endian (AKA George from Commix)

Apr 29, 2012

  1. delta bravo

    delta bravo
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    [Organic] We talk to Endian (AKA George from Commix)

    Music is about experiences. Experiences with others and also the that of the very personal. We talk to one half of Commix, George Levings as he embarks on a new musical journey as solo artist Endian...


    True Urban Breakbeat Culture... Organic

  2. Deadstareforlife

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    cool, really interesting article :twothumbs:

    (small pedantic note that the Nonplus+ release isn't his debut though...he had an Endian single out last year)
  3. Sal_Paradise

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    liking all the endian bits ive heard so far
  4. fonik EDJ

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    yes indeed.

    LOVE this tune :love: