OUT NOW! htrspltn - Fon EP (FILTER058)

Apr 9, 2012

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    htrspltn - Fon EP (FILTER058)
    Release date: April 9th, 2012
    Genres: Leftfield, Bass, Electronica, Dubstep
    For fans of: Boards Of Canada, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus, Daedalus


    htrspltn has slowly turned into a regular Filter collaborator and now we are graced by his third release on the label. As is always the case with his material, the only rule that applies is "expect the unexpected". Nothing is simple in the compositions of this talented young fellow, and even the guest vocalists are not treated in the usual way. Swall's vocal phrases are turned and twisted making them fitting pieces in the sonic puzzle of Again And Again. It is almost as her voice is just another instrument used in the arrangement. Vesna Ixtab is probably the only time when we are offered a hint on what inspires htrspltn for his creations. We could swear that if William Orbit and Pink Floyd would work together it would sound exactly like this.

    And then Chubby Cox enters and we are transported to a logical continuation of the producer's older masterpieces Stay and BJ In Zero Gravity. The basslines are twisted and heavy and the world spins around itself. The self imploding spiral ends in the bassy afro mantra Are You Sick? sparkling with equal doses of despair and optimism. Brilliant work!


    Eastern Siberian resident htrspltn speaks of his work in the most abstract, decentered terms possible. In other words, the development of his lyricism is described as a removal of any differences between internal and external experience. Identity becomes endless extension – and speaking of one-self in the first person apparently becomes impossible: htrspltn himself is a complex web of thoughts, feelings, and associations. There’s a(n overriding) sense of morbid beauty.

    Beauty and morbidity are conflated by htrspltn’s discussion of the bodily differences between "inside" and "out" – or, more accurately, by speaking of their erasure: htrspltn is somewhat like a pornographic actor(!), except for the fact those people offer audiences their naked body, whereas htrspltn offers instead the nakedness of internal experience.


    1. Again And Again feat. Swall
    2. Vesna Ixtab
    3. Chubby Cox
    4. Are you Sick?