really really shit compressors...

Apr 1, 2012

  1. joemaki

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    ive tried the lexicon reverbs mate there not that special tbh i tried the full bundle aswell ( the naitaive reverb bundle) and there great but theres allot better stuff out there for way way way less of the price plus you need to fiddle around with the faders allot to make them sit right like you said they start off with way to much reverb alredy going on and the eq algorhtyhams in the top right dont actually do anything. so yea they no way near justify the price i think its a case of them charging that much because they can for the brand name.
    if you want an amazing reverb check out valhall roomreverb its amazing and dead easy to use
  2. flyingmidget

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    I really like Lex Hall, especially the preset deep hall. I only use reverb as a send so its never too much reverb unless it my fault.

    I also believe I am partially to blame in that supposedly convolution reverbs are the way to go, but Ive always found them lacking. This might be from my ineptitude rather than the plugins limitation.

    Phase mistress and u-he Uhbik-F for me. Phase mistress is in a class of its own imo. Haven't found anything come close to it yet both in sound and control. Uhbik F is good on crazy FX things and has surprisingly fat sound when you work the drive knob.

    I am tempted to go UAD.
  3. Tube Jerk

    Tube Jerk
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    the Aleisis is an extreme musical effect more than anything else. i know you know how it;s used and why, so don't pretend it doesn't have a strong character, regardless of how shit it might be on paper! when you mix everything into it, you get the French Touch. it's as simple as that. you can't fake it and it has *that* sound, love it or hate it.
    you then spend ages in post-production getting rid of all the harshness and random spikes it chucks out and maybe mixing in some subtle parallel channels to polish it up further but you just can't get that horrible, biting pump from anywhere else.
  4. Paradigm X

    Paradigm X
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    yeah, the dbx266xl. Just terrible.

    theres a whole area with a quick attack which you justg cant use because it clicks. horribly. ive had several crap compressors and this is the worst. edit including two 3630s at some point!
  5. lavaviper

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    Sometimes when I crank the ratio up on Abletons compressor I get a crackling noise. I know its not my volume levels peaking. It could be my sound card....or is it just Abletons shitty compressor?
  6. ja-ki

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    It is the compressor... not only this plugin does that. Seriously don't use ableton plugins if you don't have to, especially not the chorus (!!!!) and the reverb
  7. joemaki

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    ah i thought all the big boy dnb people swear by abletons stuff lol :laughing:
  8. kinda funky Banned by DOA

    kinda funky
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    This. Is it really that difficult to program a good chorus or phaser VST? I would pay good money for one, probably better off buying a guitar chorus stomp box now that I think about it.
  9. futilerecordings Misanthropic Anthropoid

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    SoundToys PhaseMistress is pretty decent... I can't think of any better software alternatives.
  10. roringtonsmithe

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    Agree about the chorus and reverb, but I haven't had any of these issues with the Ableton compressor. Is it really that poo? Maybe I'm ignorant. What would be an alternative to show me the light?
  11. joemaki

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  12. ja-ki

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    really wanna know this?
    Im a biiiig fan of the elysia mpressor :smile:
  13. ja-ki

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    might be the case, as Im not a big boy of the dnb biz ;) I just dislike most of the ableton plugs
  14. SafeandSound Mastering Engineer

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    Late to the party on this but most compressors have a character. How useful they are is subjective. From my own perspective one thing I like to experiment with is the basic signal pass through of some analogue compressors. Many cannot simply pass the audio through in a transparent manner.

    Now in some instances this is great as for example the 2 I have here for mastering have beneficial traits. One the DCL-200 adds very slight harmonic enrichment but is general very clean and it does not mess with the image negatively. The Vari mu from HCL is euphonic, subtley changing stereo image and adding air and a bit of bottom end. This is just passing through audio. Then some compressors simply make the image smaller and roll off top end this is common at the low end of the market and not normally something one would consider useful.

    The Alesis 3630 used to be able to cause horrid clicks in a recording (especially bass lines)
    if you were not diligent. But then again some people love it cause Daft punk used it for something and a little trend developed. Largely it's not great IMO. I disliked vintage warmer myself as I find it very inflexible as a compressor and it's analogue emulation so so and easily bettered. As always no rules but some compressors just won't work with given source very well.

    Neither do I like TLA 5021 or the VLAII, maybe ok for tracking, vocal etc. Kind of get what you pay for in so many cases. But I am coming from a mastering 2 bus perspective so you need something very well engineered for such duties normally. Also I recall I dislike dbx compression generally. It seems like all or nothing compression to me. Then again I measured some of the lowest noise floors from even their cheapest compressor I think the 266.

    I guess there is nothing really really bad, just better choices available almost always.

    SafeandSound Mastering