Track RELEASE - The Silent Coup - '13000'/Aural Blueprint - 'Reminisce' (INNAR010)

Apr 23, 2012

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    the silent coup
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    Alright people?

    Its been a while since I was last on here, but its good to see the community still running strong! Keeping the beats alive!

    Anyways, I am proud to present The Silent Coup's debut release on Inna Riddim Records, based in Australia.

    The 'A' side (do these still legitmately exist now in the digital release age?), '13000', flirts the borders between tech step and jungle, infused with heavy drums and acidic synth licks.

    Meanwhile, 'Reminisce' on the 'flip' (produced under the Aural Blueprint pseudonym) assumes a much gentler form, with deep rhodes and flute motifs, but still keeps things strictly jungle and doesnt shy away from some militant rhythms!

    This is available right now at the following locations: (there is a more indepth write up on the tracks here)

    Also check out our mix for Inna Riddim at or

    As mentioned, this is our first release, but there is plenty more in stock and due for release in the near future. A few teasing flavours are available on our website ( or soundcloud ( Keep your ears to the ground folks!