Skrillex bass sound how?

Jan 30, 2012

  1. thesamuel

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    ok, basically, how do i get that skrillex bass sound, i really want to use it becuase its really good and everything.
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    can people just fuck off with this its doing my head in
  4. puzzlefactory

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  5. Orca

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    Just shout "wop wop wop wopwopwopwopwop" into your mic; then distort :thumbup: :teeth:

    Oh and an lfo, you'll need one of those too.
  7. sonnybass

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    How is the question doing your head in? It's not like you HAVE to click on the thread and reply.
  8. Peiratis

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    i laughed so hard.he cant be serious
  9. Kizza

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    Check out the post I made about Feedme bass and midrange bass. It revolves around the idea of a palette of sounds I think the reason everyone of these tutorials fails hard is because sonny makes a big palette after just randomly adding lots of complex modulations and filter movements to his sounds.

    This would be impossible to recreate, or near impossible. The important thing is the root sound, grainy or soft. This is what will give the "characteristic"

    But the hard part is arranging the sounds in a musical and cohesive way that sounds sick. This is what Skrillex has achieved really well and a lot of other producers.
  10. joemaki

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  11. tanner5

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    There are a million one tutorials on Youtube and no one comes closer to the Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites one (yes, including the Letssynthesize one, if you think that's it you are kinda deaf).

    That sound is so fucked up. I wonder were Sonny learned to become a fm programing genius. You don't get there by randomly tweaking knobs because if that was the case odds are someone would have come up with it already.
  12. powerstrip

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    Its all about how you resample, EQ, and compress your haircut.
  13. akulamatata

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    here you go

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  14. peace aTTACK

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    no one knows. Honestly, no one can make bass like that.
  15. kajiotaku BXBL

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    We know the basics of it.

    Since he's a really cool dude he told us in an interview:

    FM8, mostly sines, automated EQ for formants. Probably automates send levels in FM8 to warp the sound before the formant effect as well.
  16. luthatron \o/ ♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭♫♪♫♩♬♭ \o/

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    i hear nasa are working on this, with a special team of ex-nazi broscientists.
  17. kajiotaku BXBL

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    Has anyone ever scientifically deconstructed the Skrillex bass? I assume you would lower the peaking formants that you would assume were added post FM8 and then through mathematic cleverness you would find the frequencies and their harmonics that, when run through FM synthesis, create the desired output. Even bruteforcing each possible combination until it matches a sonic fingerprint would be useful.

    tl;dr let's stop dicking around and use science

    Or is Skrillex bass a philosophy? :smashed:
  18. joemaki

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  19. Mr Bubbles

    Mr Bubbles
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    what about what this guy does, animating the eq?

    the more i read everyone is saying he resamples his sounds 4 or 5 times to get the crazy talking Optimus Prime sounds
    Can some shed some light on how to actually do that, bc i have no idea

    and i use live 8
  20. Soulstice

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    dude, make your own bass sounds, forget copying others
  21. kajiotaku BXBL

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    Some people learn by mimicing. What's the harm in it? You get to learn what does what and how to achieve different parts of a sound. You could argue that people won't want to create a new sound after learning how to Skrillex Bass, but then you'd be ignoring human innovation and ingenuity. Someone could always learn how to create different effects to combine and make something new via trial and error, or they could learn a few things from other people to add to their own knowledge.

    Might be a bit odd to compare, but supposedly da Vinci's apprentice copied Vinci's Mona Lisa. There's always (intellectual) value in mimicry--it's how we learn.
  22. FlatFaced

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  23. puzzlefactory

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    The thing is, lots of people are making bass sounds like Skrillex quite successfully. Kill the Noise and Porter Robinson come imediatly to mind, as well as many others signed to Skrillex's Owsla label.

    I think it's wrong to compare these sounds to Neurofunk sounds (like Noisia, Phace and Billain), which are a lot more difficult to recreate and in my mind, a lot more interesting sounding.
  24. Kizza

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    This is true, I find this whole "trying to find out how skrillex made his sound" thing crazy. Not the fact that people want to know how he did it, I myself would love to know and am interested. Only was just wondering how Feed me got his sound. That's fine and I have absolutely nothing against it. It's the fact that so many people are concentrating on HIM. Like his sound is so epically special compared to others? Scientific approach to understanding his sound wtf? I honestly thought most of this stuff was a sarcastic joke ha

    It might be purely taste, but I find neuro sounds to be so much better quality than his sounds. I think there are insanely good sounds by dubstep and techno producers too which outmatch his technically in so many levels (speaking clarity wise and dynamically, production)

    Tell me, how did THEY do it? Why are people zoning on Skrillex' SMANS? One theory comes to mind.. because he's a super famous person now and there are so many fanboys flocking to these sites and youtube to try and figure out the song that's been implanted in their brain by radio play. And it also gives the people making these super shit tutorials a lot of subs and followers right off the bat. I'm not saying you guys fall into this category, just the general mass.

    Just a theory.

    Goes back to my point earlier too, tones of people can make insane sounds, it's how you apply them musically which is the most difficult thing imo.

    However, I disagree that you can't compare his sound to a neuro sound, as they both have very similar sonic prints. I always think, what would someone who knows nothing about music technically say if you asked them this question... liiiike most of the fanboys who crowed around this issue... or (and I love her with all my heart) my girlfriend..They'd say yeah, sounds very similar.

    We know that neuro bass is boss in every single way though, and I think it is technically superior, but that doesn't stop it from being similar.

    I understand people like different things too and hey you might like Skrillex over Spor or Qo.. That's clearly your prerogative. Just speaking from a technical view here.
  25. tanner5

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    Wrong. Because the mid-range tones on SMANS are really interesting, sounds huge and powerful, like some sort of giant robot. The modulations are great. It's clearly not yout average Massive synth. It's FM8 and it's such a really complex work. Other stuff by him sounds cheap compared to SMANS for some reason, it sounds like too obvious NI Massive. Everyone that has tried to get the SMANS sound has failed, which would answer your question enough. (failing=getting a similar sound that lacks what make it special)

    And i've never heard Skrillex on the radio.
  26. jaded&faded Most Tasteless

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    :script: Exactly, and the same can be said when everyone was on the Noisia and Spor phase. Now it's Skrillex... I just find it funny that people are getting really butt-hurt about the question relating to being about Skrillex specifically. I'm not a fan of Skrillex myself (I find most of his stuff to be terrible and boring imho, but he's a lot more known than I am, so he's doing something right at the same time), but it never hurts to learn something outside of your comfort zone, and taste for that matter. One has to approach these things unbiased or one will come off unintelligent (imagine that on the internet though... it'd be a whole different place wouldn't it? lol).

    I've got similar sounds loading up NI's Massive (not a fan of that plugin either, but w/e).

    Check this vid out and follow along. Some tweaking afterward will ensure that sound.
  27. joemaki

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    i posted that sound up a couple of places
    the skrillex cinema bass for massive made it a while ago took me 5 mins (ksd)
  28. Kizza

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    What are you talking about wrong? I never claimed anything to be right. It was a theory and it still stands. Just like what you claim makes it wrong is your own understanding of what is "interesting"

    The only thing I can say with 100% certainty is that <b>it is impossible</b> to recreate the sound. It would be like you randomly applying a million FX and parameters at random, reverb, phase, flange ect ect. bouncing the sound out, deleting all the files and after forgetting everything trying to do it again exactly how you did it before. It's just too complex a wave form to recreate and unless you know 100% the steps he took to create it you will never be able to do it. Never. That's why he can't do it obviously.

    Continue to try and get the sound, you will fail, might come up with something completely awesome like so many other people but you will still fail to get the sound your looking for. You'll hear his song and you'll be like "shit, nothing like it." No matter what.

    End of story
  29. Lunat

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    What I find crazy and mind boggling, is the amount of people who are able to waste their time shitting walls of text about their opinions about "why are so many people asking how to make the skrillex/pendusnare sounds, yawn and baws".
  30. Kizza

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    lol i cant believe you added up my quotes relating to the topic and then posted about wasting time, when adding no point to the thread and having no opinion yourself. Talk about irony and being hypocritical.

    To keep this shit going is to ask "but how do i saw this piece of wood" with a saw in your hand.

    You have the stuff, you know what is used. Go make something awesome, you'll never cut it the exact same way as the last guy. That's precisely what makes music so fun engaging and great.