So Orbital are back.

Oct 27, 2011

  1. megamindbeastfeatures

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    This is a free download from their new album. It's an alright tune but i have faith in the album. The Blue Album was one of their best and they have generally stayed on form throughout their carreers.

    I'm a big Orbital fanboy incase any of you didn't already guess.:teeth:

  2. Kingsley

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    Hell yes, great news :biggrin:
  3. ewan_kerr

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    insides was one of the best ulbums ever to come out of electronica/edm
  4. SterlingStandard Official DOA Emberist #13

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    i think the new album should be finished in november
  5. courier RinsingAgentRA

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    Their name suggested they always would be..
  6. futilerecordings Misanthropic Anthropoid

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    Hell yeah! When I first heard The Box (actually I saw the video on MTV AMP) it changed my life. It was the song that really got me in to electronic music.

    Still one of the greatest music videos ever IMO.
  7. Philanthropy

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    Green Album / Brown Album / Middle of Nowhere - are my favorites.

    never liked the Blue album, ironically it sounded as if Orbital were just trying to copy their own sound they were so famous for too hard on that album.
    In Sides was alright, but it was too much IDM for my taste and there are artists that are simply better at it. finally, Snivilisations is somewhere between Blue album and In Sides.
  8. el squiffo no pop, no style!

    el squiffo
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    doctor ? as an encore. at wolves civic hall 1999, one of the best moments of my life. this was when they first started playing this tune. when that bass started come in :teef:
  9. DJ Void

    DJ Void
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    Love Orbital and will be at the Royal Albert Hall gig. The best live Dance band imo.
  10. Conviction Banned by DOA

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    Great news. :heart:
  11. MiL0

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    My two favourite albums are Middle Of Nowhere and InSides, closely followed by the first 3 albums equally. I thought the last two albums were really poor, particularly The Altogether (with the exception of Funny Break).

    Been to see Orbital live at least 10 times in total - massive fan... and by the sounds of this first single/release, it sounds like they're back on form.

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of the LP :)
  12. The X Man ICN3D, DoUCN3D?

    The X Man
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    epic news

    saw them once and I would love to catch another of their live shows
  13. Bigfoot

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    good news, always wanted to see these guys and never got the chance :thumbup:
  14. Deadstareforlife

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    I saw them on the Snivilisation tour; they dropped a Berlinda Carlisle sample at some point which drew a papable collective 'WTF??' from the crowd. Then they reversed the sample and made it all bangin' of course.

    I'll probably still be listening to Brown Album when I'm 90.
  15. DJ Void

    DJ Void
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    Standard practice from Orbital when playing Halcyon + On + On live. Belinda Carlisle and Bon Jovi over the top. They did switch to using The Darkness for a bit but normal service is now resumed.
  16. SterlingStandard Official DOA Emberist #13

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    new LP "Wonky' out April 2nd!!

  17. Brecht Inaugural DOA Poker Tournament Champ

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  18. SterlingStandard Official DOA Emberist #13

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  19. KG

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    Just pre-ordered the new album.
  20. Russel Arnold :tea:

    Russel Arnold
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    so so good....gonna see if i can bag tickets for glasgow.
  21. Tube Jerk

    Tube Jerk
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    have adored ever since me mam bought me the Brown lp when i were about 13.
    has such a good under-influenced spirit about it. still to this day they're perfectly happy to just do thier own thing and they still nail it.
  22. CyKosis Whos yer daddy!

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    I cant believe they're releasing a new album I was so sad when they called it quits. :slayer:
  23. DrinkFromTheStink

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    Is this THE orbital? Halcyon and little fluffy clouds orbital?
  24. KG

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    Little Fluffy Clouds was The Orb.
  25. DJ Mix Banned

    DJ Mix
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  26. deviant methods [dnr]

    deviant methods
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    I still listen to Nothing Left on a regular basis.
    And I have had Satan suck in my head the last few days. Gonna look into this right now!
  27. KG

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  28. satboy Banned by DOA

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  29. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    That is fucking huge!
  30. Rezika 2.0 Future raver Planet saver

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