Spor-Pacifica (Chasing shadows Remix)-Bass Sound Design?

Feb 19, 2012

  1. puzzlefactory

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    I've just come across this track and it is amazing! I love the bass sound and would love to know how anyone would go about designing it? Obviously there is lots of distortion, but at the same time there seems to be envelope and LFO modulation as well.

    My main query, is the bass is at around 1.53. It's very subtle, lots of sub and only a hint of mid range...

    Anyone got any ideas?

  2. tommerry11

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    Not that i have much experience in sound design, but to me it sounds like either a

    1. square with a sharp low pass, possibly some detuning (it seems to wobble in pitch slightly).


    2. a sine wave with a touch of pitch modulation.

    It may also be the byproduct of lowpassing the main bassline (of the drop). the growlly distortion on top sounds separate to the bass.

    just my thoughts :teef:
  3. zetuletz

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    It's the original bass from Pacifica. I think they just resampled that .
    Like tommery11 said , it sounds like a square. Their epic distortion comes from a guitar amplifier.
    Would you believe if i say that they have used Reason ? I spent a few months recreating their bassline from Amirah and the closest i've got was only with Reason.
    By accident , i also found the drum loop from "The End" in the Reason factory content.
    I never tried to recreate the bass from the Pacifica remix , so i can t help you with this..but i can record a tutorial for one of my basses if you need help at reeces / modulating them.

    This track that i will share is a WIP ... it should have not been released , but a lot of people liked it , even if it's boring and unmastered and other shit like that...

    I will take it down when i'll upload a better version.
    There is some noise layered under the bass, that might sound crappy....
    Sorry for my english if i have mistakes.
  4. AugisSigua

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    ^^ you should do that tutorial :twothumbs:
  5. zetuletz

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    Uokey. I'll record one asap. I hope everyone who will read this , understood my last post. I will NOT make a tutorial for the pacifica bass, I will make something similar to the bass from the track I posted.
    Probably tomorrow night, I'll post it, be sure that some free neuro patches will be added.
    PS : My mic is broken, so I will not use voice in this one.. but i will add anotations, text , and like i said earlier , give away patches.
  6. puzzlefactory

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    I look forward to watching this. :twothumbs:

    I can well believe that they use Reason. The routing and modulation features allow you to make some complex bass sounds. There's a guy called Sprawl who makes some great sounding Neuro tracks just using Reason.

    He did quite a good little video on making a basic growl reese....

  7. zetuletz

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    Sprawl & Loki <3.
    Best producers that use Reason :D.
  8. Tektonic Nursery Member

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    Sprawl is actually one of the nicest guys I know.
  9. puzzlefactory

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    So? Did you ever get around to doing this tutorial?

    I, for one, would still be really interested in seeing it...
  10. zetuletz

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    I 'm back at college now. In 2 days or less , i ll have it uploaded :D.