the deep depths of domestic violence

Apr 13, 2012

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    A woman who was left blind after her partner gouged her eyes has said she feels "buried alive, claustrophobic and not in control of my life" following the attack.

    Tina Nash, a 31-year-old mother of two, was set upon by Shane Jenkin at a property in Hayle, Cornwall, on 20 April last year.

    In an assault described by police as a "premeditated, sustained and vicious attack on a defenceless woman", Jenkin, 33, strangled Nash until she lost consciousness and then gouged her eyes and broke her jaw and nose.

    Attempts to save the sight in one of her eyes failed and she was left completely blind.

    Jenkin, of Sea Lane, Hayle, was originally charged with attempted murder but admitted GBH with intent at Truro crown court on Friday morning. He will be sentenced next month.

    In a statement released following his plea, Nash said that although she had been robbed of "one of the most precious things in life" she was glad that Jenkin had "at least taken responsibility" for changing her life forever.

    "I actually look forward to going to sleep because in my dreams I have sight," she said. "It's when I wake up that the truth hits home.

    "Some days I just don't want to get up but I'm determined to provide a future for my children and this is my motivation."

    Her sons were aged 13 and three at the time of the attack.

    In an interview with the BBC, Nash said she thought she could change Jenkin. She warned other victims of domestic violence to get out before it was too late, adding: "It's not going to get better, it's going to get worse."

    Only got GBH for what could be considered a violent psychopathic act therefore will be out in 5. Stories like this usually pass me by but this one hit a dark cord. What a fucking nutjob. Googling his picture reveals a bull-neck weight-lifting type. Reminds me of some of wankers I've seen marshaling events in the midlands and their dangerously unpredictable steroid approach to keeping order.
  2. Incubus

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    lets hope the prison inmates do the same to him, after blinding him, he wont be able to see the gang prison rape coming his way

    inb4 violence doesnt solve anything blah blah blah
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    Some people need prison just so retribution happens
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    bet she didn't see that coming
  5. paigalushus thought criminal

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    I hear that in prison men who abuse or rape women or children are SCREWED.

    And fuck violence not solving anything...this be karma, bitches :teeth: