The Prodigy - Mescaline

Apr 3, 2012

  1. I-Witness

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  2. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    Since Dec 9, 2008
    I haven't heard that. That's actually really good. Just goes to show he can still make them.
  3. totalkonflict senior citizen

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  4. ROKONE Rum ###

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    nice, glad to hear they still sound like the prodigy :slayer:
  5. barryon Fiddely Dee. Rumpity Doo.

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    Nothing wrong with 1994 sonny Jim.
  6. Skam 73

    Skam 73
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    rather them sound like 1994 than that wannabe pendulum sound from omen.
  7. -BassCunter- some words and stuff

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  8. [Screwhead]

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    A drug reference for a song title? Quick someone call deadmau5 these ruffians are in need of a stern talking to for promoting drug culture! That kind of thing is wrong! What would jesus do?
  9. exp_cj

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    To me this sounds more like the recent stuff than the 94 sound. Good track, but maybe a bit similar to the last album, which was great, but they do a different album this time.
  10. Nicky J numpty

    Nicky J
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    i preferred this one from around the same time myself:
  11. Attreyu The Traffic Controller

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    It's from 2009.
  12. Eli Rorschach

    Eli Rorschach
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    Yeah, still sounds like bland, wallpaper paste Prodigy remaking the same tune since '98 to me.

    Still amazes me. The first two Prodigy albums were the work of a genius. This kind of track I wouldn't bat an eyelid hearing on any random Soundcloud page.
  13. mr meh

    mr meh
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    Yup. Typical 'paint by numbers' prodigy track made up of samples from their other tunes. Saying that its better than most of the stuff on their last album.
  14. ToxicWaltz

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    Last album was pants but sure I must be one of the few who really enjoys 'Always Outnumbered...'?
  15. LIALD2k8 Mild Green

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    I didn't realise it was possible to dislike Invaders yet like AONO.
  16. Andy H

    Andy H
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    It seems the older I get the more I realise that I dont actually like the prodigy that much... old stuff included that is
  17. Mark_84

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    fix fail
  18. Zroocs

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    They aren't fresh since 1993.
  19. Bison

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    it's better than everything else i've heard since FOTL but it's still shit